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I joked last weekend about being horrible at winged eyeliner, and it's try! I always was. So I'm here today to offer a variety of tips & tutorials that will help even the most clueless of makeup lovers to master a wing.

Tip #1: Try this tutorial by Shayla!

When I first started winging my eyeliner, I was directed to a video like this one, and it has stuck with me. If anything, it gives you a nice view of one way to do this process and can help the other tips make more sense if this doesn't do the trick for you!

Tip #2: Focus on your BOTTOM lash line!

Follow the line of your lower lid up rather than your top lid. Start at the bottom lash line and try to "follow the curve" up towards your eyebrow tail. Line it up from the bottom lashes, not out from the top ones.
Then, I draw a tiny triangle from the line that was traced from the bottom lid up, and you're done! This is where the tape trick comes from - put a piece of tape from the bottom lash line, and then line~

Tip #3: Is it uneven?

One problem I used to have with my wings is that I would do the wings with my eyes looking down (as recommended in Tip 2, but this doesn't work for everyone!) For some people, doing their wings with eyes closed or looking down only to realize the eyelid fold distorts the wing when they open!
Try this: Do your wings with your eyes open, looking straight ahead.

Tip #4: Get some leverage!

A big problem with doing wings is just staying still enough to get them perfect. Sit down & do your wings. Lean your elbow on the counter & do your wings. Even just playing your pink on your face to steady your hand while applying will make a WORLD of difference in your control, and that's key to a perfect wing!

Tip #5: Apply your mascara first!

Line your eyes like you would for a normal eyeliner look. Then, curl you lashes & apply mascara. Once it's dry, go back and follow the shape that your lashes naturally make! That's where you want the liner.
In a way, winged eyeliner is mimicking the look of a biiiiiiig pair of false lashes, so imagine where the curve of the lashes would seem to fit, and go with that! You can see in this photo how the wing mimics the eyelashes.

Tip #6: Consider that your eyes might be uneven.

One of my eyes turns up more than the other, so for the longest time, I'd follow the natural line of my eye only to find my wings were noticeably uneven.
Try lots of different techniques, and see which works best for both eyes. You don't need to do the exact same thing on both eyes, just so the end result is balanced enough for your taste :)

Tip #7: PRACTICE!!!

Remember: you'll never master a wing without PRACTICE! Just go home, grab your cheapest liquid liner (or whatever you prefer to use) and get to work~

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The goal of this collection will be to share tips on how to do certain makeup techniques, like winged liner, cut creases and lip lining! Breaking down basics, sharing a variety of tips, etc! The goal is to share tips that will work for everybody & help everyone figure out how to master those looks they always wanted to achieve.
What I needed this morning! It's so hard to create a perfect winged eyeliner with the liquid tips. Hopefully, a couple of more practice will help me master this. Otherwise, my eyeliner will only go to waste.
loveee it
@cindystran Hmm, I do sometimes! Otherwise i go in with a felt tip liner to fill in my lashes, because I have really thick lashes, but they sit up a bit from my eye, so if I dont do that i'll get a weird line between my eye & the liner! It's hard to tightline with liquid, lol
@hikaymm When you wear liquid eyeliner do you still tightline them?
@cindystran Good luck!!! I used to hate liquid liner & trying to do anything but the tightlining I grew up with, but once I nailed it I realized the look can be fun to wear sometimes :)