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I love when people put this kind of stuff together!

Below you will find chart's that show the score progressions of shows that aired in winter 2016: are people enjoying them more or less as time goes on? Should I check out something I skipped?

Trended Consistently Upward!

Trended Consistently Downward!

Flat lined, whole season!

Changed mid-season!

12+ Week Shows

I might have missed a few...

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this is so cool to see! i feel so bad because I was so busy lately that I haven't kept up with the current anime season!!!
2 years ago·Reply
what are you measuring on your y-axis. none of them are labeled?
2 years ago·Reply
@nicocoup I didn't make the charts, but they're the rankings from MAL (myanimelist). THey're all different scales bc its just comparing the shows ranking over time, not comparing them to each other!
2 years ago·Reply
ok so it's individual scales of popularity. thank you @hikaymm
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