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I love when people put this kind of stuff together!

Below you will find chart's that show the score progressions of shows that aired in winter 2016: are people enjoying them more or less as time goes on? Should I check out something I skipped?

Trended Consistently Upward!

Trended Consistently Downward!

Flat lined, whole season!

Changed mid-season!

12+ Week Shows

I might have missed a few...

this is so cool to see! i feel so bad because I was so busy lately that I haven't kept up with the current anime season!!!
what are you measuring on your y-axis. none of them are labeled?
@nicocoup I didn't make the charts, but they're the rankings from MAL (myanimelist). THey're all different scales bc its just comparing the shows ranking over time, not comparing them to each other!
ok so it's individual scales of popularity. thank you @hikaymm