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Call of Mini: Dino Hunter is an absolute breath of fresh air and an adventure that may compel you to stay glued to your iOS device for hours. Visually enticing, this adventure could have been a one-dimensional shooter and survive on its beauty alone. With inspired gameplay and a richly-detailed world to boot, this dinosaur tale isn’t headed for extinction anytime soon. Although there are other characters to unlock throughout the journey, Call of Mini: Dino Hunter initially centers on Waren, a young man bent on killing as many dinosaurs after losing his family to these unforgiving creatures. A healthy amount of killing is needed to survive each level and players can easily switch out their weapons during the fight. Don’t expect a mindless shoot ‘em up with Call of Mini: Dino Hunter, since strategy is extremely important for your survival. Shooting a crossbow may help you take out the first wave of monsters, but liberally using your ammunition is a foolish move, especially if you have bigger dinosaurs waiting to snap you up. Call of Mini: Dino Hunter hits all the right notes, giving players an intriguing and entertaining gameplay experience. You can find the game in the following link: Call of Mini: DinoHunter $0.99 http://is.gd/OIoNJ9 This game is not available for Android.