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I named my pup kirara which turns 1 year old this month! I will have a pup birthday at the doggie caffee lol I'm a pup mom looser lol
Named after this ^^^ yes I know she is not a dog and my dog is white lol but I love the anime inuyasha and that's what I would have named her if it had been a male lol
however I guess I could have named her after these two, but yeah I love inuyasha... my friends say she looks like these^^^
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And Kirara in Japanese is the name for the mineral Mica, which is a light almost pearlescent mineral (Google it, it's really pretty!) so I think it works great!
@Kirik thank you I had seen it before =) so its good she is white right =)
I played the game to the last slide second picture
@JaeneashaJones me too, a lonngggg time ago lol
@Ticasensei it was so.fun but I lost the game