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Let me try to explain this in the simplest terms possible from what I’ve read: The “Asian Glow” is the side effect of a toxic chemical called acetaldehyde, a byproduct of alcohol consumption. Our body has a gene that is responsible for breaking down acetaldehyde into a harmless chemical, but a variation of this gene suffers from an inability to break down acetaldehyde. About 30-50% of East Asian descent have this gene variation, while it is rare among Europeans and Africans and very rare among Mexican-Americans. High build-up of acetaldehyde is linked with higher occurences of cancer, thus Asian Glow → higher likelihood of cancer. Please refer to the scholarly articles below for more detail, including the actual names of the gene variations: http://www.snpedia.com/index.php/Rs671 http://www.nih.gov/news/health/mar2009/niaaa-23.htm
@minjaeturtles well i dnt go really red... i go more whiter wij scares da hell out of me. I tend to gt red at random times... wij is weirding me out
@cheerfulcallie ah I dunno about them but I hate it haha my friends say I look like a tomato
Wow, that's very interesting and true....this explains a lot why my bros always turn red whenever they consume alcohol.
@relinashinee I'm not sure about ppl who go red at "random times" but I've heard that ppl who get sunburned easily (ppl with really light skin) are more susceptible to skin cancer!
what if u just turn red but not because of drinking??? like fr e.g in the sun or at random times... explain that
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