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After months of anticipation, today is the day my friend and I fly out to Toronto, Canada for the Toronto Kpop Convention, where we'll be meeting GOT7 on Saturday!
We were lucky enough to get the group photo and hi touch with them and I just can't believe it's actually happening!
Is anyone else going to convention/concert?
I hope you to see some of you there!!
I'm going to the Atlanta concert and I got hi touch with them
@JaxomB Just got back from it and they had security everywhere stoping people from taking photos and videos. This was more of a fan meet than a concert. They performed 7 songs, did a Q&A and played a game with some fans randomly picked in the audience. It was 2 hours of pure bliss and JB being there made it even more special.
@KaiJae No. No photos or video are allowed in the theater. They are strict about it apparently. They will post official photos on the con's site.
@JaxomB I will post what pictures that I can, apparently we're not allowed to take photos at the fan meet. 馃槩 Happy birthday, by the way!!
Too expensive and too far away, but we did check in to it since the date is my birthday. Have fun and post the photo.
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