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A/N: I'm sooooooo sorry for not updating. I am a full time at work so I get busy and exhausted that I don't want to write. And I tried to write the chapters the day before I post them but that didn't happen either. So today I'll probably be posting alot to make up for the days that I haven't posted.
Chapter 10 ************** ~N P.O.V~ Feeling the sun going down, I stretched out the sleep from my body. When I went to bring my little one closer to me, I couldn't feel her. I opened my eyes and saw her side of the bed was empty and cold. I frowned and decided to take a shower and get dress. I was dressed in black leather pants and a white see through shirt with my black choker. I stepped out of my room, I could sense out my little one. It made my skin burn and tingle. My heart beating fast, just like the first time I saw her. I step in the dining room, where I saw her set the table for our breakfast. I up against the door way of the dining room. I watched her every move. The way she swayed her hips when she walked around the table. Her long hair flowing and also her shirt riasing up when she reaches out to put something on the table. My body couldn't take it anymore more, I had to touch her. So I straighten myself and walked towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I barried my nose into her neck to smell the sweetness of her but her sweetness wasn't the only thing I could smell. I could smell Leo on her. I clenched my teeth as my blood boiled with angry and jealousy. I didn't want to take it out on my little one so I tried to calm down. "Good Morning My Little One." I said in her ear, making my voice gentle. "Good morning Master N. How did you sleep?" She asked me. Hearing her voice made my heart beating fast. "Well, I slept very well." I said. I ran my nose against the skin of her neck and the bite mark that I left the night before. I could smell more of Leo on her bite then the rest of her neck. I wanted to growl but I stopped myself. I brought my lips to her bite and nipped at it again where I can make it all mine again. I wanted to continued but there was a cough behind us. So I pulled back and saw Ravi standing there with Ken and HongBin. My little one moved out of my grasp and went into the kitchen. I sat down in my chair and looked up to see Ravi has a smirk on his face. "What?" I asked him but he shook his head and said it was nothing. I eyed him and decided to just drop the subject. My little one was waiting for Leo and Hyuk to come down but they never did so we just ate without them. The three of them knew something was wrong when breakfast was over. "Ken and HongBin make sure little one doesn't go up and also keep Ravi in check too." I telepathy to them. The nod and went to do their task as I went up to Leo room while clenching my fist.  From outside the door, I could hear pants and groans. I slammed the door opend with a bang. I stepped in and saw Leo on top of Hyuk as Hyuk had his legs wrapped around Leo's waist. The room smell of sex but the two kept going as I stood there watching them. "Are you just going to stand there or do you want to join in too?" Leo asked as he thrust into Hyuk. "He's here because you touched what is his, Naughty Leo" Hyuk said before groaning from another hard thrust. "His? Oh you meaning Slave. Yes I touched her so what are you going to do about it?" He was taunting me. I clenched my teeth and fist as I stared at him. He pulled himself out of Hyuk and looked at me. I knew he could sense my power over rising his. I walked to the chains that were hanging on the ceilingof his room. I touched them and turn to look at him. I waved my hand in a movement that told him to come here. He crawled off the bed and came to where I was standing. I cuffed the chains to his wrist and kicked his feet from under him. "Your going to use my toys against me?" Leo asked me looking into my eyes. We both had a dark glare towards each other. "Yes I am, Hyuk the whip" Hyuk got off the bed and went through Leo's closet and brought out a leather whip. He handed it to me and I ran it over Leo's body before whipping him on the back. "Do you know what you did wrong Leo?" I asked him as I pulled his head back. "I touched your toy" I whipped him a couple more times. How could he think that she was my toy. She was more then that. "She's more then a toy and yes if you touch her again, I'll make sure you won't see another light of day or night." I said as I had the leather whip around his neck choking him. He and Hyuk knew what I meant by not seeing a light of day or night. They would be in a coffin with chains around it and they would stay in there and get weak with no blood in their system. I let the whip drop from his neck and stepped back. I turned on my heels and left the two in the room. I needed to cool down before I could face anyone else. So I decided to take a walk in the backyard and glaze at the stars.
So there were like four people super close to me and I was at the part where N walks in on Leo and Hyuk having sex and I had to hold the screen to my chest because I didn't want them to see what I was reading but I liked it. It's getting hot.
hmmmmm~ some smexy yaoi sex~ just the way I like it~ ^^
@EmilyPeacock YAOI!! leo got sum of that action I see..xD
@Pheobe324 😂😂😂😂
I just read this in class trying my hardest not to freak out but OH MY GOD WTF DUSGEVEKSPUFBESOSGDNELSOANWL
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