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If you've ever tuned into Orange is the New Black then you're probably familiar with the every so lovely and curvaceous, Dascha Polanco. When it comes to red carpet looks, Dascha usually knocks them dead, but this look in particular is well -- just dead.
Reminiscent of a mummy dressed in a garb of toilet paper, I can't necessarily say that this is one of the actresses best looks. I'm not feeling it and it looks rather tacky if you ask me, but who am I to judge?

Are you loving this look or not so much?

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She's brave for walking out in that. I don't know what the designer is thinking for creating this piece. Maybe she got of the idea of making a dress with a cut-out table cloth or was inspired by a mummy film. Either way, this doesn't look wearable. It might be better if the fabric was in black but I think a slip dress should be worn with this.
definitely agree with you. the look is not appealing in the least at all. a slip definitely would've been a good bet! @cindystran not one of her best looks at all
She's a walking teepee. It's a no for me *simon voice*
LOL! I could def hear him saying that @primodiva93
i realy love curvaceous women though......... no matter what their wearing........