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Genre: Angst, CEO au
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Length: 4271 words
Summary: He got everything he wanted- and I was on his list.
Part: 1/?
A/N: You guys should know by now, when I have an idea, it has to come out lool. Also may have gone a bit over the top with the word count but I couldn’t sleep last night and this is the result... Lemme know what you think!
Park Jimin. We all knew the name. Of course we knew the name, he was our boss. The big CEO of this massive enterprise. Extremely good looking. But God, he was a dick. Treated all of us office workers like we were peasants. Beneath him.
Whenever he would waltz in to check that we were actually working, me and my colleague Jungkook would exchange glances, but then our eyes would snap up to our computer screens to make us look like the hard workers we weren't.
He would never stay long, but his visits were frequent. Anyone caught procrastinating would lose their job- that’s how Yoongi had ended up fired. Luckily for Yoongi a firm near him had been recruiting, so he had a new job within a week. I, however, would not be so lucky, so I did my best to never get caught.
And if Jimin was bad....his assistants were ten times worse. Scantily clad, model like women who would follow him around, smirking at us all. I internally shuddered whenever I saw one. He had like 3 or 4 of them, and they worked different shifts.
“And then he said-...”. Jungkook had been in the middle of telling a funny story about a conversation between him and Hoseok- a mutual friend of ours who worked on the second floor, when Jimin appeared. He instantly trailed off and nudged me. That was our secret sign for when the boss was near.
I started typing, my heart pounding at the notion of almost getting caught. Because the consequences were dire. I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as someone shifted behind me.
Not just anyone- Park bleeding Jimin. He bent forward, his breath tickling my ear. I stayed staring at the screen, wishing I could jump in it. “Ah, Miss...Y/n, isn’t it?”
“Yes”, I nodded, surprised that he even knew my name. His voice was noticeably lower when he spoke again. “Yes, what?”
I swallowed before answering, “Yes Sir”, mentally facepalming myself for forgetting to call him that. He always saw it as a sign of disrespect- I had been told that when I got the job.
His assistant giggled behind us and I did my best to keep a pokerface. “And Miss Y/n, what are you up to?”
“I-i’m onto the third task of the day, typing this welcome letter to your newest clientele, Mr Kim Namjoon and his company, Sir.”
“I’m pleased to see you hard at work, Miss Y/n. Please, keep it up.” I nodded and gave him a tight smile, holding my breath until he straightened up and walked away.
Jungkook threw me a ‘what the fuck was that?’ look and I just shrugged at him, confused myself. Jimin never actually spoke to us individually unless someone had fucked up or lazed around. And he never ever praised anyone.
I nervously tugged at the hem of my skirt, trying to ignore the curious looks everyone in the office was now giving me. The boss had spoken to me. I mean, I wanted to keep my dignity and I would never straight up admit to anyone, but I may have had a little crush on him.
Well, not little. But no one needs to know that. His douchebag attitude was enough to keep me from drooling too much, so all was well. When he left, I let out a theatrical sigh of relief. “Jesus...”
“Do you think he caught us talking? That’s why he came up?” Jungkook asked, loosening his tie slightly. He looked relieved himself. I shook my head. “No, he would’ve fired our asses if he saw.”
Jungkook checked all around- the boss had left and the quiet buzz of chatter had ensued once more. “So anyway...I was saying...”
The morning shift went really quickly after my little encounter with Jimin. Jungkook and Hoseok had gone out to buy food, seeing as the food they gave us here was shit. You’d think with the amount of money he made, Jimin would at least supply his workers with something edible.
They had asked me to come, but truth me told, I wasn’t hungry (for once). I would just have a coffee to soothe me headache, and get back to work. The quicker I finished my tasks, the quicker I could go home.
“Your loss”, Jungkook had shrugged. I had yelled after them to bring me back a bagel or something, knowing I would regret this decision later, but was unsure if they had heard.
I stood in the tiny room they had turned into our little tea-break room, seemingly alone.
Pretty much everyone on my floor went to the canteen, went to meet their friends on other floors or went out to grab a bite, so my whole floor was basically empty.
I grabbed one of the disposable cups and started the process of making my coffee.
Maybe I would check if Taehyung was free. He worked on the same floor as Hoseok and was great to talk to whenever we had time to chat. But chances were he had gone out with the others.
I was lost in my own world, swirling the much needed caffeine slowly, whirling around, mug in hand, almost dropping it onto the person stood there. I shrieked in surprise, thinking I was alone, and set the cup down before I actually spilt it.
It was the assistant. I didn’t even know her name, but from the look of distaste tainting her pretty features, she sure as hell knew mine. “Y/n, right?” My heart was still pounding from the shock, so I merely nodded at her question.
“Sir would like to see you after your shift is over today.”
“W-why? What have I done?” I stuttered, a horrible feeling settling in my stomach. She was clearly enjoying my discomfort , as she shrugged at me, not even attempting to hide her smile. And with that she flounced off, probably back to Jimin’s office to...well, god knows what the hell they did behind closed doors.
I grabbed my coffee and followed her out, making a beeline for my work space. What the hell had I done? Going into his office was never a good thing. I sipped my coffee anxiously, my mind thinking the worst possible things. If I lost this job...I would have nothing.
When the guys came back- Jungkook having graciously bought me a bagel- I told them what had happened. Their wide eyed expression really didn’t help my nerves. “Oh my god, what if he fires you for not calling him ‘Sir’?”, Jungkook speculated.
“Oh c’mon”, Hoseok scoffed, voicing my thoughts. “He’s not that petty.” I nodded my head. At least Hoseok was thinking rationally. “Right, one o clock”, Taehyung announced. “Lunch break over guys, I’ll see you later. And good luck y/n.” Hoseok repeated the same thing.
I muttered thanks, and me and Jungkook took the stairs to our floor. “Don’t worry y/ never know, he might be giving you a promotion!” I snorted. “For what? Typing stupid letters all day? Unlikely.”
Our workplace had cameras everywhere, and I suddenly felt so paranoid. Even as I was talking, I spotted one, and felt instantly nervous. Like Jimin was always watching...creepy, huh?
To my dismay, the afternoon and evening shifts flew by. Hoseok usually dropped us all off home, but I didn’t want the guys to wait up- I didn’t know how long I would be.
Jungkook walked me to the office. He had texted Hoseok to give him five minutes while he stood there and quietly chatted to me, to put me at ease. The whole floor was dead now, as the last few people trudged off to their homes, exhausted from yet another days work.
“Are you sure you don’t want us to wait?” Jungkook asked, taking off his suit jacket. He always did that at the end of the day. “No, really. The bus stop is like a minute away and it drops me off practically right outside my house. I’ll manage.”
He was just about to speak, when the door to Jimin’s office swung open. I was expecting his assistant to run out- well, run as best as she could in those ridiculous heels- crying. Her face was red and her tears were streaming.
“Are you Ok?” We both asked her, even though she clearly wasn’t. She ignored us and kept going. My mouth felt dry as I looked up at Jungkook. “I think she’s just been fired”, I whispered, about to cry myself. What if I was next?
Jungkook pulled me into a comforting hug. “It’ll be OK y/n. You haven’t done anything wrong. Just go with it and-”
Someone cleared their throat behind me, cutting Jungkook off, When he slowly let go of me, I turned around to find Jimin stood there in his still-pristine suit, arms folded.
“Miss y/n...”, He began, completely ignoring Jungkook. “Come in.” I gave Jungkook a small nod and he returned it with a ghost of a smile, before I turned and walked into his office, my legs trembling.
As he shut the door behind me, his authoritative voice ordered, “Take a seat.” I immediately did, my fear being replaced my curiosity. He didn’t sound pissed off, which calmed me slightly.
“Would you like anything to drink?” I stared dumbly. What the hell? “Erm, no thank you”, I politely declined, before hastily adding “Sir.”
He chuckled as he leant on his desk, in front of me, while I sat on the chair twiddling my fingers. “Good to see you learn from your mistakes, Miss y/n.” The way he said my name made me shiver.
“I’ve been watching you now for a while. And I have to say I’m disappointed and impressed. Disappointed, because you seem to think I’m stupid enough to not catch you talking to your colleagues , but impressed that you still manage to get through the workload.”
My eyes shot up to meet his. He had caught me talking, and not fired me? Why? If I ever told Yoongi this, he would flip out. He stared at me expectantly, waiting for a response. “I-i don’t think you’re stupid Sir”, I muttered, my eyes trailing back down to the floor.
I was partially telling the truth. I respected his position and his company. But his character was just...too much. He was great at business, but a terrible flirt. I assumed that’s how he managed to get all the female clients to sign up- a smirk and a wink, and he was there.
He laughed humourlessly at my response. “I once walked in on you imitating my secretary, and then imitating my reaction to her.” My eyes widened, and I wanted the ground to swallow me whole. He had seen that?!
The whole office was clutching their sides laughing that day. It had been a dare from Jungkook, and I was bored. “Hey y/n, pretend to be boss’s secretary”, he had suggested, that evil grin on his face. I wasn’t going to lose £5 on not doing a dare, and Jungkook knew that.
So I had stood up. “Everyone, can I have your attention! This is a dare that my colleague thinks I’m too scared to carry out!”
I cleared my throat again, and put on a ridiculously high pitched voice. “Oh WOOPSIE!”, I said, dropping a pencil on the floor. I hitched my skirt up to make it look shorter as I bent down agonisingly slowly to pick it up. I got up equally slowly and flipped my hair. Everyone was already laughing at this point.
“Look Sir, I worked so hard today!”, I screeched, showing the whole room a pencil. Then I imitated Jimin’s voice, making it comically deep. “Ah babe,well done. You’re getting a raise. You, me, office. Now!”
Everyone had applauded because it was accurate. His secretary never did anything, yet got so many more benefit schemes that we ever did.
Now, as I stared at the ground in front of Jimin, my cheeks growing hotter, I wanted to die. “I’m so sorry, S-sir”, I whispered. What else could I say?
“Don’t be. It was quite funny. You should have majored in acting.” I couldn’t tell whether he was taking the mick or not. Why wasn’t he mad?
“Anyway, the reason I asked you to stay behind after your shift...I wanted to ask you to be my new secretary.”
“What?”, I blurted out without thinking. “...Sir”, I added as an afterthought. I wasn’t taking any chances with this one. “And there are no shift changes, it’s a full time position. I fired all the others, including the one I’m sure you just saw.”
The image of her crying came back to mind and I felt guilty despite her being the most annoying woman I had ever had the displeasure of meeting. But I didn’t get it...I wasn’t the type of woman Jimin usually picked to be his secretary. And why had he fired all of them to then replace them with me?
“There is one catch however. I require my secretaries to be single”, he spoke, his eyebrow raised almost suggestively. “So if you are with anyone, but you want this position I suggest you leave them.”
“That won’t be a problem Sir. I am currently not in a relationship.” That threw him off slightly.
“But what about my workload?”, I continued. “I will distribute it amongst the workers who get given less tasks.” I had a feeling the saying ‘no’ wasn’t an option. “Erm...ok. When do I start?”
His smirk made my cheeks warm up again and I mentally cursed myself for being so attractive to him. This was by far the longest conversation I had ever had with him and I had never been more embarrassed. But then to console myself, I kept thinking that he had seen me imitate him, and he hadn’t fired surely he must like something about me? Maybe my work ethic?
“You start tomorrow.” I nodded and got up slowly, taking that a my cue to leave. I was almost at the door when I heard his voice.
“Oh, and y/n?”
I turned around. “Yes Sir?”
He was still leaning on the desk, his head tilted, like he was evaluating me. “Call me Jimin.”
“Wait wait wait, tell me again”, Jungkook demanded. He had texted me to say the boys were at a nearby cafe so I walked straight there. “He know you talk, and he saw you that day yet he offered you a position as his secretary?”
I nodded, taking another bite out of the muffin Taehyung had bought for me. He had bought it with the expectation that I would be crying, but instead, I was eating it to celebrate.
“You must have done something right”, Hoseok added, looking impressed. All the men had rid themselves of the suit jackets and ties- Taehyung had even unbuttoned the top of his shirt. It was stifling hot in the cafe, and swear apart from a family of four in the corner, I was the only female in here.
“But”, Jungkook started, his lips turned downwards slightly, “Who am I going to talk to now? It’s gonna be so boring in the office without you.”
I laughed lightly at his sad expression. “Jungkook, Jimin comes in to check on the workers so often, that I’ll be there most of the day anyway. And whenever I can sneak off, I’ll come talk to you.”
“But he fired all of them”, Taehyung butt in, “So you won’t just be on Jungkook’s floor...You’ll be everywhere.” I threw a quick glare at Taehyung. He wasn’t helping.
“But his office is on our floor, so like 90% of the time, I’ll be on the same floor as Jungkook.” That shut him up.
“You just called him ‘Jimin’. Remember not to say that to his face y/n. You already made that mistake today.” That was Hoseok and his words of wisdom.
“He told me to call him that”, I informed, only to be met by their shocked expressions once more.
“Well damn”, Taehyung breathed. “What’s his game? All his secretaries had to call him ‘Sir’.” I shrugged. I really didn’t know why I was being given favourable treatment- not that I was complaining.
Hoseok was late the next morning, and I was too late to wait for the next bus. I tapped my foot impatiently, pacing the drive until his car finally turned up. “Morning, he drawled as I got into the back next to a dishevelled Jungkook.
“Hoseok step on it. It’s my first day as the damn secretary and I’m late!” Taehyung was sat in the passenger seat, stifling a laugh, and I kicked the back of his chair with my heel, cutting his laughter short.
“Hey hey watch it!” Hoseok yelled. “Don’t damage the seat!”
“It’s alright, she’ll pay for a new seat- no wait, a new car- with her first paycheck. It’ll probably be more than the three of us earn put together.”
“Taehyung, shut up”, I snapped. I really wasn’t a morning person, and Taehyung wasn’t helping my mood. “Hoseok, why were you so late anyway?”, even as I asked the queston, I was narrowing my eyes at Jungkook.
I knew they had to be late because of Jungkook ,because him and Taehyung lived in a shared apartment- I always knew who was ready first in the morning by who was sat in the passenger seat. Today, that was Taehyung.
“Jungkook overslept”, Hoseok explained. Jungkook apologised and I burst out laughing at how guilty he looked. “It’s fine”, I smiled, reaching over to fix his crooked tie.
Taehyung turned around in his seat, a look of disbelief on his face. “What?”
“If that was me, you would have killed me!”
“Yeah, cus I don’t like you”, I joked. “Real mature”, he muttered, turning back round. Hoseok just rolled his eyes to himself in the mirror.
To my surprise, he actually managed to find a decent parking space. We all clambered out, all five minutes late to our jobs, and opted for the lift. The boys could run up the stairs fine, but I wouldn’t be able to keep up.
Taehyung and Hoseok got out waving us a quick ‘bye’, before making a beeline to their desks.
“He’s gonna be mad”, I muttered to Jungkook. He didn’t reply, but he didn’t have to. We both knew it was true. Jimin was a perfectionist who followed set rules. I couldn’t believe my luck- I had never been late before, and the one day he made me his secretary, Jungkook was too lazy to get up.
“Sorry”, he muttered as the doors slid open. “It’s not your faul-”
We both stepped out simultaneously to be met by a tight-lipped Jimin. That was the reason I had stopped talking. He looked extremely annoyed. “Why are you two almost ten minutes late?”
We just stared at him, our mouths hung open. “I asked a question!” His raised voice made me jump. I decided to speak on our behalf, testing my luck. I knew the instant Jungkook told Jimin the real reason, he would be packing up his belongings and leaving.
“Sir the traffic was pretty bad and-”
“No it isn’t.” He cut me off factually. I could feel all eyes on us and my heart was pounding like crazy. This could go real bad real quick, so I tried again.
“I-i overslept”, I lied. Jungkook stiffened beside me, but was wise enough to not say anything. Jimin stared at me for a moment, before ordering “My office. Now.” He turned to Jungkook, “And you”, he spat. “You better be careful. Be late again and you’re gone. Understood?”
“Yes Sir”, Jungkook whispered. Jimin stormed off and I followed close behind ignoring everyone’s sympathetic glances. I turned to look at Jungkook once and he looked so upset. He mouthed ‘Thank you’ and I gave him an encouraging smile.
At least if I was about to get fired, Jimin was going to do it behind closed doors and not humiliate me in front of everyone.
The door slammed shut and I flinched. He didn’t offer me a seat this time, so I stayed standing. He however, slid down in his chair, arms out on the desk and fingers clasped, like he was in a business meeting.
“So y/n. Day one and you arrive late. That’s not a very good impression is it?” This was clearly a rhetorical question so I kept my mouth shut. “So many tasks needed to be done this morning and now I’m behind schedule, aren’t I?”
“I-i’m sorry sir. I slept right through my alarm.”
“So you say”, he hummed, clearly sceptical of my story. I was never a good liar. “If you don’t want to be here, I’m not stopping you from leaving.” I looked up to meet his eyes. Did he think I didn’t want the job?
“I didn’t say anything about wanting to leave.” I blurted this out without even processing what I was saying, but his smile told me that was just what he wanted to hear. “I won’t make the same mistake again sir.”
“Jimin”, he corrected, standing back up, and slowly making his way to where I was stood stiffly. “I’m glad to hear you have intentions of staying with me y/n”, he murmured. “So glad.”
Something about the way he spoke- so gravelly and deep- made me look up again. “Er...I’m glad too.” Boy, that must have sounded stupid. He stopped mere centimetres away from me.
“But. Don’t you need to be taught a lesson so you aren't late again?” My eyes widened. It wasn’t even the words he used- it was the way in which he said them, I instantly knew he didn’t mean ‘Write out I will not be late to work 100 times’.
“Er..”. Is this what he did with all his secretaries? I mean, yeah there were rumours about what went on in his office, but that’s all the had been-rumours.
He stepped up to me, his body touching mine. His finger trailed my jawline as I stood there not knowing what to do. This was literally the man of my dreams, albeit my prick of a bass, and he was making a damn move on me. At work.
“W-what are you doing?” I whispered. I was eye to eye with his collar, so that’s what I focused on. I couldn’t look him in the eyes, this was all too much for me.
“You don’t like it?”, He leant in and whispered, “Then stop me.” I wasn’t sure whether he was serious, or that was a challenge. “Go on. Push me away.”
I stood there stoically, not moving. His finger stopped under my chin and tilted my head upwards. “It’s been months”, he sighed. “Months of watching, observing...”.
I should have stopped him, I know. These sorts of acts at work were strictly forbidden, that was Jimin’s own rule. But still I didn’t stop him as he crashed his lips onto mine. Park Jimin, CEO. Was Kissing me.
It felt so wrong. This was my first day working for him in this new position. But so right. I wanted more. His hand moved to my cheek as his tongue slid across my upper lip.
His other hand moved to my waist, pulling me in further. I craned my neck wanting more contact, and simultaneously reached for the back of his head, my fingers tangling into his perfectly styled hair.
Suddenly, he pulled away. I instantly let go and stumbled back, arising from my stupor and crashing back down to reality. “That was a bad idea”, I gasped- from shock and lack of air.
I stole a glance at him. God he looked good, panting slightly, his hair tousled like that. He smirked. “You didn’t push me away. So I know you liked it.” My face grew heated at his cocky words.
“Right”, he said, breaking the silence, clearing his throat before proceeding. “Fun over, I need you to get those papers photocopied”, he said, pointing to the small stack on his desk, “Put this staff rota on the bulletin board and file those folders away into the relevant filing cabinets.”
I nodded taking in all these multiple requests, starting to walk towards his desk to pick up the papers. “And after work today I’ll take you out. I want to get to know my new secretary a bit more.”
I could hear the smile in his voice as I lifted the papers. “But we’re not allowed to meet like that outside of work”, I replied out of confusion. “Y/n those rules don’t apply to me. I manage this place.”
I just responded with a small smile and a nod. He was so forward in everything he said. Never a word wasted. I could still envisage the feeling of his lips on mine as he interrupted my thoughts once more.
“Oh, and a coffee would be nice. Milk and two sugars.” I nodded once more and replied “Ok.”
Leaving his office, I shut the door and leant on it, trying to process what the hell had just happened. How could he act like he hadn’t just randomly kissed me? Was this normal behaviour for him?
I slowly made my way to the photocopier machine, giving Jungkook a small thumbs up so he knew my ass wasn’t getting fired- again- and started the days duties. I was still dumbfounded, but had come to the conclusion that there was more to Park Jimin than meets the eye.
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Ooh~ I like this! I like it a lot!! And this is quite irrelevant to the story but when I read milk for Jimin's coffee, I swore I heard Jimin's voice in my head, saying "murk?" When Tony told him that he can't have milk (in Hustle Life) XD
Why you keep getting me addicted to your fanfics? 😆 this is gonna be good!
Dammmmn Jimin is a beast😂😂😂😂😂 Tag me please
Some how this give me a 50 shades kinda feel
You're killing me man 😭 This sounds all fine and dandy...but who knows what you'll pull (/.\) I love it though, by the way :)
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