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Tiny Thief is a stealth puzzle game for Android and iPhone that is part of the Rovio All Stars program. A diminutive would-be Robin Hood is out to pilfer from the upper class for just about every reason imaginable. Sometimes it’s for revenge, other times it’s to feed the hungry, and often it’s just for funzies. Each stage is a collection of interactive elements that need to be figured out in order to progress, often with hilarious results. One might require something as simple as untying a rope to drop a scaffolding in order to get a palace guard out of the way while another could involve scaring a knight away with some stinky cheese. All in all It’s a cute, clever, and oddly rewarding little puzzle game that manages to pull from a few different genres quite effectively. You can find the game in the following links: Tiny Thief (iPhone) $2.99 http://is.gd/CYrkM5 Tiny Thief (Android) $2.99 http://is.gd/4s8J3H
This game looks really fun I have to try it soon
this looks really funny lol I think ill also check it out... i wish there was a free trial though so i can tell if i will really like it before buying it lol
This looks like a lot of fun - I'll have to give it a try!