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Rain Undecided on U.S. Activities
A U.S. entertainment firm founded by Jay-Z has asked Rain to pursue his activities in the U.S. with them but Rain has yet to make a decision. ...
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@beeonka he will try!!! because he will work hard and mabe he will do well ...if good help him ....we only can support him &wish all the best ^_^
4 years ago·Reply
@MasriDaniela yes! I miss seeing his abs lol *o*
4 years ago·Reply
@beeonka ohoho mee tooo his perfect dance !!!*0* lol
4 years ago·Reply
@MasriDaniela yes have you seen his live performance videos? he is amazing *0*
4 years ago·Reply
@beeonka yeap i do ...he is really sexyyy !!!! perfect from head to toe ^.~
4 years ago·Reply