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Would you and your fiance EVER do a photo shoot like this?!
Thanks to Metro Photo, you can have the most unreal photo experiences in the world. But it's going to cost you! Oly Ruiz and Erron Ocampo, the brains and talent behind the brand, have been all over the world, capturing couples in the most outrageous and beautiful scenarios.
In the case of this happy couple, they were in the water with four whale sharks. While most of them kept their distance, one was determined to encroach on the couple.
I'd be too terrified to do something like this! Would you?
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@marshalledgar not without my spiderman floaties
It wouldn't bother me, but my husband would freak. He's not a swimmer.
Oh heck ya!!! I'd be terrified as well. I love adventure but not this kind of adventure.
Whale sharks are filter feeders. They were just curious. Sign me up, it sounds awesome!
I would do this!!! I love water! 馃榿