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Most Expensive Blue Diamond Sold!
"Oppenheimer Blue", the largest and finest fancy vivid blue diamond ever offered at auction, sold for world record $57.6 million.
In a previous card I shared with you all that this diamond was expected to fetch between $35 and 45 million (USD). But it sold for over $50 million, plus fess in Geneva at Christies.
Of course, the buyer is anonymous and it only took 25 minutes to go from a starting bid of $30 million to the $50+ million sold price.
57.6 million! Holy cow! But that's amazing! It's beautiful too.
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Blue is the rarest color when it comes to diamonds, making it the most expensive too @Jasminep96
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Wow! @marshalledgar That definitely makes sense. Now, I know. Hahah. Thanks!
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so many zeros sounds surreal, it looks surreal too....
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Diamonds are one of the greatest marvels of nature. Did you know that it takes about 3 billion years for a large diamond to form?
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