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Can You Identify What's Wrong With This Tinder Profile Image?

We're all familiar with Tinder.

If you aren't, allow me to break it down for you. Tinder is better known as an online platform where singles go to find prospective love, or in some cases a short fling. With Tinder you're given the ability to post a picture as your profile to attract users and potential boo thangs.
A picture of a firefighter's Tinder profile image went viral and people are both confused and in absolutely tears from laughing at how nonchalant the guy is based on what is taking place in the image.

Can you spot what's wrong with this 'fire fighters' Tinder profile image?

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He thought it would be ironic...tinder on Tinder?
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I don't think they get a lunch break when they working lol
a year ago·Reply
@Jasminep96 lol guess we know who's not putting out in this picture
a year ago·Reply
Btw, I went back to the original post - he clearly states that the pic was taken on the fire ground of a training fire... ;)
a year ago·Reply
I was a professional firefighter...Are there details to this pic I'm missing? Looks to me like it very well could've been a controlled burn or training fire (typically done in already condemned structures). He's not wearing his hood, he's not strapped up, I don't see a regulator around his neck (for scba), so there's no way this is an interior attack fire, meaning...perhaps an exterior attack, and for whatever other reason, he's feeling similarly casual about the current circumstance. FYI, we like to take pictures of ourselves or our teams at burns or on scene, particularly during training events. Just some thoughts...
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