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I couldn't watch this because my phone was being stupid yesterday morning at 8:30 am. But I was awake and sad. CC is working so I could understand it!! He wanted 'gifts' from fans Xia is ____ words to express him. I tweeted this morning my gift... Xia is Pulse. #thankyou #lifeback
Then they released this to Youtube with the song... Heaven help me. Can you say new phone lock screen? Mm...just...
I mentioned how in the last 2 weeks XIA has taken my bias list and pretty much kicked most of them to the curb saying I don't need anyone but him. Well, that is true but sigh. Then last night, Leo said ENOUGH and yeah.. Hello Leo. Xia just laughed, said he'd already killed me, Leo could spend time with what was left. It was a good time spent it was just surreal to me, Leo has always just happily sat there as #4. I guess it's time to start writing Proclivity.
Tagging my cute fan ladies make me giggle.
I told you, it's always the quiet ones! (And Rap Mon is just a sexy little naughty monster)
He wasn't crafty he was NAUGHTY OMG... he's trying what Rap Monster did! *facepalm
Love it, and you gotta watch out for Leo, he's a crafty one. 😉