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Ello Everyone! I decided to write another Fanfic! This time,  it's about the one and only Ravi! I was inspired by a special someone since he always kills her hehehehehe *coughs* @ElleHolley *coughs* *devil face* I just wanted to let everyone know that this fanfic will be for Mature Readers. It will include foul language, Smut, sooo yeaaaaa Read at your own Risk. It won't start off like that right away but once further in the story it will. Just giving a heads up. Once it hits to the Smut, I will give notice :) I'm already working on Chapter 1! ;) Hope y'all enjoy and anticipate this FanFic! :D


Link---> Let's begin with the Prologue :)
Moving to Seoul was going to be tough. New place, New people and New Job. My parents were always telling me I needed to get a job to see how hard life is. I got a job as a waiter In Seoul. I was sad I left my family back in Cali, but I needed to spread my wings and be on my own. What I didn't expect was to fall in love with someone. Workers here said he's a womanizer, plays with girls, saw them as play things because of how handsome he is.. So I didn't even want get to know him. But something in me kept telling me he wasn't like that at all. I don't see that type of person in him..Is that why I can't keep my eyes off him? I never thought he would notice me but boy was I wrong. Ever since that encounter we had, I came to find out the type of person he REALLY is... My mind couldn't process it all because now all I could think of was.... HIM..
I hope everyone anticipates this FanFic ^-^ And would like to say thank you to everyone who reads my stuff even if it isn't good Lol

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@EliseB @Lexxcisco @BabydollBre please don't encourage her 😂😂😂 @ashleyemmert thank you for having my back. SN I'm excited
*grabs popcorn* I'll just be over here waiting for the feels death that's coming. 😂😂
@jessicaacosta90 omg really?!?! I can't. my tummy.... oh dear goodness
@ElleHolley 😂😂😂😂 Truth!!
@ElleHolley, I'm only accepting the inevitable. You know the effect he has on me 😂😂😂😂
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