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I'm mad!
.... ok let me calm down! this page is making our idols look bad have you guys ever seen this page before?
I know kpop wars have existed since kpop started but this instagram page promoting hate and diss of our kpop idols is just so...uhhh!! the page called k dislike is open for people to send hate messages of things they dislike about kpop ( there for creating hate between fandoms as well) , I really got mad reading these !
And many more!
like why??? in between my blood boiling because obviously none of these things are true! I thought well more haters means more power to our boys! one thing is your opinion, but these people state things like they are facts! like they are professionals! like they even know them!! your negative opinion doesn't matter!
and then....they messed with my boys!!!!! I got mad because I know who they are talking about, I know how talented groups like BTS, ikon, winner, Got7, block B, bigbang,madtown, etc are! really all of them are super talented! simply amazing! So yeah it stings when people from any fandom talk about others in a bad way

How can anyone! talk bad about these angels!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't we just coexist? there is no need to spread hate or express negative comments about groups that you are obviously not a fan of! don't support this page! don't send bad messages! I guess this is why I like vingle family, if you don't like it you don't like it and that's it, no problem..and not many are biased to a single group either.... uh thank goodness for vingle! ok I'M calm now
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Yea but does the person not feel angry because the person still follow some kpop idols @Ticasensei
a year ago·Reply
@yuusa the admin or the senders? the admin is following kpop and I guess the senders do want the idols to see the message as well
a year ago·Reply
@Ticasensei the admin. If u check their ig they follow bb seungri. Idk if they're being a troll or really hating the idol@Ticasensei
a year ago·Reply
@yuusa of course, )=( that's how they get the fuel to say things about them. the admin follows kpop stars, but people are the ones sending in the notes, ofcourse he sucks because he is the one that made the account for that purpose
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply