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WW Watching Husbando, Day Late Sorry

Sorry everyone that I'm a day late on this. Yesterday I was busy writing an essay and stuff. But here is my husbando from an anime I'm watching now:


Sakamoto Desu Ga? Am I the only one that thinks he is Sebastian and Claudes love child? I mean he has Sebastian's build and Claudes face. He has super human abilities or they could be demon abilities. Also in one ep he acts like a butler to one of the guys. Maybe I'm just over thinking it but I see a connection here. Anyways, I chose him as my husbando because he's just so perfect and I'm currently watching this anime. Right now it has 5 episodes and I suggest it to everyone. I also really like the op to this anime.
Sakamoto is so precious. he's the Saitama of slice of life
Oh and first episode. I AGREE ABOUT SEBASTIAN AND CLAUDE..but i dont ship way in hell
THANK YOU!!! SO I have been looking for a anime to watch for 3weeks! And you just got me on an anime! Thank you!!!
holy crap
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