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So Tuesday, I was looking forward to WW, and when Wednesday got here I didn't have the motivation to do it... Gomenasai. So a day late here are my Waifu Wednesday pics for Currently Watching in no particular order....
Chizuru Minamoto - Kanokon Incredibly cute, overly affectionate, smart and overly developed she hides a secret... Not only is she a fox, she's a fox spirit. I really enjoyed this show the first time through & am on my 3rd watch of it.
Morgiana - Magi I admit I slacked off on this series, but the wife watches it with me so... Morgiana is just plain cute & bad ass. Unless you're afraid of strong females she should be on your waifu list.
Mumei - Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress She is a badass plain & simple. Anyone with knife blades attached to their shoes & capable of removing a monster's head with one kick deserves attention. If they're cute on top of it they should be waifued.
Ibaraki Douji, Shizuka Gozen - Onigiri The series is a bunch of shorts that are something to give your mind a rest. No complex storylines, no need to turn your brain on, just sit back and become a vegetable. That said: Shizuka is a naive, innocent cute little thing who's main technique is: Heavenly Arrow Death Penalty which she promptly modifies to become an "illegal weapon" resulting in a 1 week ban and the end of the episode. Ibaraki is the good natured, crude, drinks to excess black & red headed cat girl. She tends to get carried away & by typical gaming standards easily has the highest level armor. I really want to try the game.
Shikishima Mirei - Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid The hottest of the characters from the series, she's an overdeveloped, genetically modified Libetator. I would gladly be her Arm... hehe
Lady Lady - Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Yes they are overly sexualized & have boobs the size of your head, but when their powers activate they become a battling motorcycle or a huge gun capable of destroying a mountain. This series is Ecchi as hell & if not for the beams of light from nowhere, Yuri to no end...
Hiragii Akira - Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Akira-sama is the effeminate gouvonour of Mermaid. Wielding a mechanical arm he is the only male on the island & worshipped by all the women.
I want a kitty