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Chicken Fried Steak
For @minjaeturtles this is chicken fried steak.^^ It originally was created in Texas in the 19th century. Texas is where @YinofYang and I are from. :D Depending on the seasoning of the flour it tastes wonderful, but it can go wrong if not fried properly. I can't explain the taste. >_< Maybe Yin can try. From Wikipedia: Chicken fried steak (also known as pan-fried steak, CFS or country fried steak) is a breaded cutlet dish consisting of a piece of steak (tenderized cube steak) coated with seasoned flour and pan-fried. It is associated with Southern cuisine. Its name may be due to its similarity in preparation to fried chicken. Chicken fried steak resembles the Austrian dish Wiener Schnitzel and the Italian-Latin American dish Milanesa, which is a tenderized veal or pork cutlet, coated with flour, eggs, and bread crumbs, and then fried. It is also similar to the recipe for Scottish collops.
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@Saravy this looks so gooood!!! I'm crving some gravyyyyyyyyy
4 years ago·Reply
This looks so good, I can't believe I've never tried it
4 years ago·Reply
@minjaeturtles It wouldn't be expensive to send, that's for sure, since we don't live too from Chicago. @miranpark88 It is definitely amazing. @curtisb You've never had it?! Oh, please go eat it. Somewhere good. XD @Saravy Great card, sis!
4 years ago·Reply
you would think i would have it all the time, living in lousisana
4 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang haha don't get my hopes up now
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