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For those ladies who happen to hoard makeup like myself, we both know that we own more products than we use. The products that we do use on the daily have become our holy grail, to the point where maybe even our significant other knows our must haves.
In the video seen below, BuzzfeedYellow has a guy guess which makeup happens to be his girlfriends. Keep scrolling to see just how well he knows his makeup obsessed lady.

Fellas, would you be able to guess your girlfriends makeup if need be?

Ladies, would you mister man be able to pass the test?
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my bf picks my makeup. I usually love what he buys me because he knows me so well
I'm sure your skin is flawless then! @JaxomB
that's so sweet!!! we all want! @stephosorio
@jordanhamilton I could wish....I have too many allergies, so any little thing gives me a red face and hives.
If I had one, yes lol