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Happy Thursday to you all! How are you all??? I personally am so happy that Thursday is finally here and that tomorrow is finally Friday. I hope that all of you are doing well and taking good care of yourselves. Anyway today is Junior's special day so let's make sure to celebrate him with cards and show him so love!!!
Am I only one that finds Junior extremely attractive when he is reading!?! I mean yes he was already super attractive but when I see him reading he looks even hotter. Idk I could just imagine us sitting around our house cuddling on the couch while reading. We would share books and maybe sometimes even read the same books just so we could talk have discussions about it.
Eomma harassing baby Yugyeom ..and trying to make him more sexy I guess... lol. I find this extremely cute....Yugyeom how can you be all sexy on stage and stuff but now you are being all shy....he is still our little baby.
Eomma and the rest of the boys messing with Jackson. Junior I think you are pretty girl lol
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When you know Jr actually does make a better girl then you 😂👌
@JamiMilsap Yes! I'm getting a new phone tomorrow so im really excited and you are welcome! Im glad you enjoyed my card and so good
Soooo cuteeee!!! 😍😍😍
Yay almost Friday!! Thanks for making my Thursday better with this cutie (and he does look good reading).