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Now, when I say "for adults" I don't mean it's super NSFW or anything. Just that it deals with more adult themes than most Pokemon games do. It's kind of interesting because we never really get to see this world through the lens of someone who's older than an 8 year old.
The developer is going to great lengths to cover all of these themes and it looks like a game I'll probably be downloading in the future (once it's finished of course). But if you want an idea of what the game is like, I took a screenshot of the description and left it for you guys below:
Again, I'm pretty excited to play this game once it's out of alpha and completely finished so I'll be watching it with a close eye. If you want to see some of the game in action, I also left a video for you guys to check out. It's a bit long but if you stick with it, you'll find yourself trapped and wanting to play it.
If you want to try the alpha build of the game, then you can do so here.