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■□■ Seungri's Hair ■□■
So during one of the fan meets Seungri's Hair
well it had abit of a mishap....
so like where did it go?? wouldn't happen to know where it went would you GDragon: I don't have it.....but I think I might have an idea of were it might be (^___^)


(Big Bang were asked to make bunny rabbits during the fan meet...Daesung won the competition)

Which rabbit is your favorite?

(T.O.P didn't get the chance to make a bunny because they played this game when he was still filming for his movie in Germany)
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omg 😂 I can't even
a year ago·Reply
whyy thise GD's bunny looked soooo .. well.. ummm.. never mind 😂😂😂😂 i forgot what i was gonna say .. like legit 😂😂😂
a year ago·Reply
@BBxGD ur man's rabbit is kinda...
a year ago·Reply
@LinnyOk Yesss... i know.... 😂😂😂 .. like theres no comment for that rabbit 😂😂😂😂
a year ago·Reply
I am sure TOP might have win if he is here... I am sure his rabbit will be "Art"...of rabbit from the unknown world.
a year ago·Reply