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Prom Yikes!

Did y'all see this?

As reported in the British Metro, this young man couldn't find a date for prom, so he dressed his feline and took her instead!


This dude's going to grow up and enter society as an adult coming up. Be scared!
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kinda like taking your grandma to prom... @Animaniafreak
a year ago·Reply
I think it's cute
a year ago·Reply
I heard about this. At first I thought he was cute, but then I thought Hummm.... Why? Why not just go alone or with friends? Who knows, but I would have just gone alone or with friends.
a year ago·Reply
it's admirable when someone can go to any event alone. I've done it, it doesn't suck at all @MyAffairWith
a year ago·Reply
@TerrecaRiley I think it's admirable too! I'm really glad that you think that it doesn't suck because it really doesn't. It's fun! I enjoy going with people and without people.
a year ago·Reply