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This has been my ongoing relationship status for a couple hours now. I am craving a delicious dinner. I know I can't be the only one in a relationship with hunger. Is that my stomach I hear growling? I think it is. *runs to the kitchen to prepare dinner*

What is everyone having for dinner this evening?

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I had a burrito and corn chips with salsa
Can I put mine in married to bag of bbq chips?.....Lol just kidding I'm single
A sandwich and Cheetos!
@alucard9768. I know right... I have CRS too!! I want to be in a relationship like @supbroscene. and i would be happy!!
@isiah089 So don't be....Do something about it. Ask them! a wise man once told me "Closed mouths don't get fed" :-) @supbroscene 馃槻馃樁馃構 the imagery on that!馃榾 @LadyLuna you have CRS too! I'm not alone? 馃槣