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When we arrive, it is a typical dorm. You look around, “All six of you live here?”
He laugha, “Yes. This is big; our old one was much smaller. Come, I think they are in the kitchen making dinner.”
As he drags you through the living room one of the doors opens off to the side. The door only opens a tiny bit, enough to see someone looking out but then deciding not to come out. You turn back to where you're going as you almost trip on a gaming remote. Wonsik tightens his grip, "Sorry, I thought we cleaned up before I left. You okay?”
You nod and continue following him into the kitchen. There are four guys crowded around the stove, the one in the middle swatting at the others.
“Stop or it will never get done!” He's wielding a bamboo spoon.
“Save some for dinner!”
All the guys are laughing but stop when Wonsik clears his throat, “Hyung”.
Four pair of eyes look up and then over to you. Smiles instantly appear, and the distraction of you allows one to grab one more piece of meat from the pot.
“[YN] these are my brothers, Hakyeon he is the oldest and our leader. This is Hongbin, Jaehwan, and Sanghyuk. Where is Taekwoon?” He glances around and behind you.
Each of the members bow and smile at you as they are introduced.
The last one he introduced speaks up, “You can call me Hyuk."
He then turns to Wonsik, "He went to his room for something.”
You smile and bow slightly to each of the guys, “It’s nice to meet you all.”
“Dinner will be shortly,” Hakyeon states as he swats at Hyuk’s fingers, “if there is any left”.
They all laugh and start to wander off.
Have you ever gotten the feeling that someone is watching you? Like their eyes are boring holes in your back? Like you are so aware of them that you actually get goose bumps? You rub your hands down your arms just as Wonsik looks over your head and smiles, “Taekwoon Hyung, come meet [YN]”.
You turn to see who he’s talking to and almost run into the body standing directly behind you.
He’s tall, with broad shoulders; but the most striking thing about him is his eyes. They seem to look right into you and he never once removes his gaze. He bows slightly to you and listens to what Wonsik is saying. Well, you assume he’s listening but aren’t sure as he says nothing, just nods a couple of times, his eyes never leaving yours.
When everyone is getting settled around the table for dinner, you have to ask the question that’s bugging you.
“You called Hakyeon your leader? What does that mean?”
Five pairs of eyes focus on you and then move to Wonsik. Rapid Korean is then spoken around the table. If you felt uncomfortable before, you really are now. Maybe you shouldn’t have asked? Did you misspeak?
Hyuk speaks up from across the table, “Do you listen to Korean Music?”
You nod, “A little. I think it's called Trot? My roommates are trying to get me into KPOP, is that what it’s called?”
They all smile and Hongbin pipes up;
“We have the perfect group for you to start listening to for KPOP... Vixx.”
They all laugh and those around him smack him. You know there’s more to what he’s saying but are leery to ask.
Wonsik leans over, “That is us. We are KPOP Idols, the group known as Vixx.”
You look at him in disbelief and laugh,
“Yeah right. I’ve been having coffee every day with a famous KPOP Idol?”
You stop a minute and think, wait…girls following you two around, him snapping pictures with them. You look around at all of the overly handsome men sitting at the table,
“Holy crap, you guys really are, aren’t you?”
The smile and nod, awkwardness over, they begin to eat. You feel really stupid; you can’t believe you haven’t put two and two together since you started hanging around with Wonsik. Everyone is busy eating and chatting yet when you look up, one pair of eyes is trained on you. He reaches over and taps Wonsik on the hand with his chopsticks. When he looks up, he motions to you with his head.
Wonsik turns to you concerned, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you hungry?”
“I just feel really stupid. I’m sorry.”
He laughs and gives you a squeeze, “You shouldn’t. It is nice to be known and liked as Wonsik and not Ravi.”
“Is that your stage name?”
He nods, then points to each member;
“N, Hongbin, Ken, Hyuk, Leo, and Ravi, better known as Vixx. A few of them were boring, couldn’t come up with a different name other then their own.”
To that comment items begin being tossed across the table. You duck so that you aren’t hit instead. Leo, you look up to see his arm over on Hyuk’s, his head shaking to stop him from throwing anything else.
“Do you guys mind if I call you by your stage names? I think those would be a little easier for me to remember.”
Nods are given since mouths are full again but Hyuk pipes up anyway.
“See, my name is easy to remember. My REAL name, she isn’t confused by me.” Tongues are stuck out at each other and you roll your eyes, how old are these guys?
As you’re get into bed that night, each time you close your eyes, magnetic brown ones burrow into your soul.
Why? Why does he keep coming to mind? Ravi is cuter in your mind, plus you’ve known him longer and get along great. This Leo almost creeps you out a little. He didn’t really talk at all while you were there but was watching, constantly watching you and everyone. As you fall to sleep, you’re still running those questions through your mind.
You awake in a stark white room, dressed in a white summer dress; there is a breeze but no windows or walls. You turn around the room, looking for a sign of anything or anyone. As you turn forward again there he stands. He is also in white, white pants with a white vest and no shirt. As when you met him he says nothing, just stands there relaxed, staring at you. When you glance around him, you see a bed has emerged from the nothingness. He holds his hand out to you, beckoning you to come to him. Without thought or fear, you find yourself moving towards him and taking his hand. As you step to him, he raises his other hand and sifts his fingers through your hair. Holding your head still he leans down, touching his lips to yours. It’s a brief kiss and over quickly. He turns, taking your hand and leads you over to the bed. As he lays you down, the bed feels as comfortable as a cloud. It’s a blip, a small notice as your attention refocuses on the man in front of you. He unbuttons his vest and joins you. His leg resting between yours, his arms enfolding you, his kiss the only thing on your mind.
Hmmm....dreams with him and a bed huh?!😉 nice dream!😊
Oooooo dirty dream lol
@ElishaFisher ㅋㅋㅋ *I think*
hmm. how should I feel about this installment? Ravi, how should I feel? I loved the interactions with the boys, that was legit. Ken how should I feel about Leo looking at me? N Oppa, is that Leo I'm dreaming of in all white? Leo how do you feel about it? Eonni, I'm so ready for the next installment. I think.
My gosh this is getting real good real fast😍. I kinda hope she/I ends up with Leo.
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