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The birthday boy Taeyang inspired me to write my first fan fic! I hope you all enjoy!
To the world he was Taeyang an international superstar in one of the most popular boy bands out of Korea, Big Bang, but to you he was Dong Young-Bae, your goofy, caring and wonderful best friend who you had known your whole life, well since you were five years old. You still remember the day you first met, as though it was just yesterday. The moment that would change your life forever occurred on a beautiful summer day while you were playing at the neighborhood park. You were playing on the slide with some of your friends, when you accidentally fell off scraping your hands and knees, which caused you to immediately burst out crying (back in the day you were a bit of a baby). All of the other kids started to laugh at you, which only upset you further, when a new kid whom you had never seen before approached you. From your position on the ground, you remember looking up into the friendly face of a boy with a big goofy grin. “I’m Dong Young-Bae, I just moved to the neighborhood,” he said introducing himself. “Are you okay?” he asked. You never would have guessed that moment would lead to the start of a lifelong friendship.
It wasn’t long after that day in the park that you two became inseparable. Even after 20 plus years of friendship, you going off to University and him becoming an international superstar, you felt as though nothing had changed. No matter where life took you, you always had each other. You spoke on the phone or Face Time almost everyday, and when your schedules would allow you would fall back into the same old habit of getting together to each junk food and watch trashy TV shows. Over the years, you had spent so much time at the dorms with Young-Bae, that his brothers referred to you as the honorary Big Bang member. Although you valued your friendship with Young-Bae more than anything, you had made the realization that you didn’t want to just be friends. You were in love with him, and had been in love with him for almost the whole duration of your friendship. Tonight was that night you were going to confess, you just hoped it wouldn’t ruin the most important relationship that you had.
When you and Young-Bae were thirteen you started a birthday tradition. You would sneak to each other’s house a few minutes before midnight on the night of the birthday, with a cupcake and candle, so you could sneak in one last wish on your birthday. This was when you would give your gift as well. Thinking back on all of the years that passed since the tradition started, you don’t think either of you had missed a birthday. That is why you decided that tonight, on Young-Bae’s 29th Birthday; you would use this tradition to confess your feelings for him. His group mates had all decided to throw a big party for him at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the city of Seoul. Although, you knew it would be a fun party, you didn’t know how you would be able to sit through the party, since you knew you would be a nervous wreck. After spending the whole day baking Young-Bae’s favorite cupcakes, chocolate with chocolate frosting, and beautifying you head off to the party.
You get to the party and are blown away by how beautiful the restaurant was, the boys did a great job prepping for the party too. There were decorations everywhere, tons of people, and great music playing throughout the venue. After taking a scan of the room, your eyes land on the birthday boy himself. As you looked at him you could feel the butterflies in your stomach getting worse then they were, because of course he had to look even handsomer on his birthday than he does any other day of the week. You approach him and give him a big hug and wish him a happy birthday. “Thanks Y/N, I’m so glad you are here finally, now you can come and mingle with me, I feel like I don’t know half the people here”, he said to you as he took your hand to go chitchat with the other guests at the party. Although you try to help him out, because you know he hates that sort of thing since he is so shy, it is hard for you to pay attention to the conversations at hand because of the built up nerves for your confession that you can’t help but keep thinking about. Luckily for you the night flies by. Before you know it, everyone has had dinner, speeches for the birthday boy have been made, and the official birthday cake has been cut. After spending what seems like hours on the dance floor with Young-Bae and the boys, you look at your phone and realize it is 11:55 pm, time for you to take the biggest risk of your life.
“Young-Bae, come out onto the balcony with me, I have a surprise for you,” you say as you pull him off the dance floor and into the refreshing spring air. Once outside, you marvel at the beautiful view of Seoul and the beautiful man who is standing next to you. You turn to Young-Bae with his special birthday cupcake, with one lit candle in your hands. “I know you already made a wish on your birthday cake awhile ago, but you need to make one more before the clock strikes midnight, it’s tradition” you say. Young-Bae complies with your request with just a minute to spare before midnight. “What did you wish for?” You ask him. “No wait, don’t tell me, if you tell me it won’t come true. You have to pinky promise me that when it does come true, you will tell me.” “Okay, I promise” Young-Bae says as you two intertwine your fingers in an actual pinky promise. “Now, it’s time for your present, but you have to close your eyes and wait, I have to go get it,” you tell him.
After you see Young-Bae close his eyes you step away from him, so he thinks that you went to go grab an actual gift. A few moments later, you walk towards him. “Are your eyes still closed?” You ask. “Yes, they are I haven’t opened them once” replies Young-Bae. “Okay good. It was really hard finding you a gift this year, since you are always so picky and have almost everything, but I found something that you can’t get at any store,” you tell him. “What is it? Will you give it to me? I can’t wait anymore, I’ve been waiting all day,” is your best friend’s typical response. As he is asking for his gift you slowly walk toward him, and once he is done talking, you do what you have wanted to do for years, you place your lips gently against his. His body responds to yours and he deepens the kiss, finally he pulls back, “What was that?” He asks. “Your birthday gift. I thought it was about time that I tell you the truth. I’m in love with you and have been for as long as I can remember.” “Really?” He asks. “Really, you say”. Although he didn’t seem to hate the kiss, you couldn’t read his face to tell how he felt about what you just told him. “Finally my birthday wish came true.” He said as his face broke into a wide grin. “What do you mean?” You ask him. “ Every year since we were thirteen and started the tradition of sneaking one last wish in on our birthdays, I’ve wished that you would love me the same way I love you, as more than a friend. I was always just too scared to tell you. I never thought that you would ever love me that way, and I didn’t want to lose you as a friend. Well now that I know how you feel, I can finally ask you what I have been dying to ask you for years. Y/N will you be my girlfriend?” “Yes nothing would make me happier.” You respond. You sneak in one more kiss before, the boys come and beckon you both back into the party. As you walk back hand in hand, with goofy smiles on your faces, you hear Seungri tell the other boys, “It’s about time! I never thought they would get together.” Although it wasn’t your birthday, you felt like both you and Young-Bae got the best gifts you could ever receive, each other’s love.
One Year Later:
You can’t believe it has already been one year. The last year has been the best year of your life. You and Young-Bae have been in a wonderful relationship, luckily his schedule hasn’t been too hectic, so you have actually been able to spend plenty of time together. Both of you didn’t think it would be possible to fall more in love with each other, but somehow you two have managed. Everyone who knows you, makes fun of you for being the obnoxious overly in love couple, but neither of you seems to mind. After waiting for 15 years, it was about time to enjoy the relationship you finally had. That was why you were going to have a romantic birthday dinner at home for just the two of you. You spent the day cooking Young-Bae’s favorite foods, and baking his favorite cupcakes. After all the cooking was done, you went and put on the outfit that Young-Bae always loves to see you in and waited for him to arrive home. It’s not much later when you hear the love of your life walk through the front door. You greet him with a kiss and bring him into the kitchen for dinner. After dinner, you put on a movie. The movie ends with just minutes to spare before midnight. You notice that Young-Bae is asleep, so you go quietly into the kitchen and put a candle in the cupcake and light it. You walk into the living room, and Young-Bae is nowhere to be found. A moment later he walks back into the living room. As you hand him the cupcake, you tell him to “make a wish but only tell me what it was, when it comes true.” “You never change, that’s what I love about you” Young-Bae says as he chuckles and blows out the candle. After he finishes the cupcake, he asks you to sit on the couch because he had something for you. You sit down on the couch and before you realize what is happening, Young-Bae is down on one knee in front of you. “Y/N, I have been blessed to have you in my life since I was five years old. You make me the happiest man in the world, and I can’t imagine my life without you. You make me want to be the best man in the world, but never fail to love me and support me, even when I feel as though I fall short of that. Will you please do me the honor of being my wife? Will you marry me?” Tears of happiness fall down your face as he asks you the one question you have been waiting your whole life to hear. “Yes!” You explain, as he puts the beautiful ring, he designed himself onto your finger. “Y/N, my birthday wish came true,” Young-Bae says as he wipes your tears away and gives you a kiss.
One Year Later:
The last year flew by. Although Young-Bae was busy with a new solo debut, you were still able to plan a beautiful wedding that was a true celebration of your love, that was attended by your closest friends and family. You were busy with work as well, but you both were still able to enjoy the honeymoon phase of your marriage immensely. So much so, you had a big surprise for Young-Bae’s birthday. He was returning home from a two-week trip in Japan with Big Bang, so you agreed to meet him at the airport. You couldn’t have been happier to be reunited with him, after what seemed like years. After catching up with the other members of Big Bang, you guys departed from the airport and headed to the beautiful home that you two built together. On your way home, you picked up Young-Bae’s favorite takeout food. Finally, you got home, to celebrate his birthday and hear all about his trip. After eating, you let Young-Bae, go sleep off the last two weeks. Shortly after you finish wrapping his gift, you join him in the bedroom, but set your alarm for 11:55. You quickly fell asleep, and before you knew it your alarm went off and you awoke wrapped in Young-Bae’s arms. You sneak out of the room and get a cupcake prepared and grab your gift, and head back into the bedroom. You wake Young-Bae with a kiss. After sitting up in bed, and blowing out the candle, he says to you “I promise to tell you when my wish comes true.” “Okay good, now you can open your gift,” you say in response as you hand him the gift. He opens the box and looks at the thing inside with a questioning look. “What is this?” Young-Bae asks. “My test results. Remember how I told you I went to the doctor’s, that is the result of the visit.” You explain. “I’m not sure I understand,” Young-Bae responds. “I’m pregnant. We are having a baby!” you exclaim. As you say this, Young-Bae’s face explodes into a grin as he grabs you into an embrace and says, “My birthday wish came true.”