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Hey guys, long time no see.... anyways I recently just ordered some mask supplies from meme box and I thought I'd share my journey as I use each one and my thoughts on them.... the first set is pictured above... these convinced me to start this journey because they looked so fun... and it turns out they are....
so I got the box today and when I got home I instantly wiped off my face makeup... except for the eyes... I tackle those beasts in the shower... anyways the first one is a collagen kitty mask. I would tell you more but most of it is in Korean...
after thoughts and such..... the mask was not necessarily wide enough to stretch over my face all of the way but it was plenty long.. When I took it off I didn't notice a difference until I sat without it for about 30 minutes... my face felt smooth, soft, and clean and my skin shone wonderfully... this photo was taken out of the shower in the only clean pj shirt I had lol plus it's just really dark in my house right now... I'll only be using these masks this week if I follow my plan but I have plenty of masks to go through.
Yep! :)
@MaighdlinS make sure the cotton pads are thin though! 😀
smart! I have cotton pads and could use what's left in the bag
Even though I read "anime mask" I wasn't ready to see it, so I was a bit surprised at the second picture. It's cute though and looks like there are plenty of essence in that sheet. What I usually do when the sheet mask is not wide enough for my face is soak an extra dry cotton sheet and place it on my face. The dry cotton sheet are for DIY purpose but I cut a few of them into cotton pad size for moments like this.