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WARNING: Adult/Sexual Situations
You’re awoken when the bed shifts; you reach out and he kisses your palm. You move over and as you snuggle back into his warmth; he kisses the top of your head.
“I didn’t mean to wake you. I had something brought up and Lee dropped off your suitcase.” You lift your head up to look over at the clock by the bed,
“What time is it?”
He chuckles, “Around 11.”
You shove the hair out of your face and look over at him,
“Really? I never sleep this late!”
He bops you on the nose and pulls you up on top of him.
“You didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night.”
He begins nibbling on your ear, moving down to your collar bone.
“I’d say sorry, but I’m not.”
He shifts and you laugh, “No, you definitely aren’t.”
A short time later he gets up and brings over the food he had brought up. All of it is finger food; fruit, dumplings, egg rolls. You dive in and he sits back, laughing and watching. You glance over with your mouth full.
He shakes his head, “I love that you eat.” He looks over at the dish, then back at you, “And so much!”
You pull a face at him and smack him in the chest. “Well if someone hadn’t used all my energy and then I also missed breakfast.”
He just laughs and pulls the egg roll in your hand over to his mouth. “Sharing is caring.” He puts the rest in his mouth, your fingers included. As you pull your fingers out he licks them suggestively.
You look him square in the eyes and say,
“If you’re intending to make up for a 5 year dry spell in one day; I’m going to need a lot more food.”
He chuckles, then looks over and pushes your hair behind your ear.
“When Eun called last night and told me she’d spoken to you, I hoped it would lead to this. Was that selfish of me?”
You shake your head and move back over into his arms, laying your head on his chest.
“I will admit, it took everything I had not to jump you when you opened the door though.”
His head hits the headboard as he laughs outright. You reach up and rub the spot for him. He grins down at you, the merriment evident in his eyes.
“I was horny enough I wouldn’t have cared. I probably would have just said “Thank you God” and taken you there against the wall.”
You kiss his chin and snuggle in, “Well, that’s one place we didn’t try last night.”
Another outburst of laughter rumbles through him and he reaches over to tickle you in retaliation.
“What are you saying woman? Are you saying I’m insatiable?”
You look up playfully in his eyes, “Let’s just say, I think you now hold a world record.”
His head falls to your chest and he takes a playful bite.
Sighing he admits, "I out did myself, I have no more strength. The want is still there, but the body isn’t currently able.”
He gives you a kiss and sits back up grabbing a piece of fruit. Waving it in your face before popping it in his mouth; he comments,
“However, keep that wall in mind for later.”
Since Lee isn’t with the two of you, you decide to stay inside. It’s easier to pass off being out with friends when there are three of you. He’s still mulling over the idea of how to get you to come back to Seoul with him.
“You could move in with Eun.”
“Move in with newlyweds? No thank you.”
“No, just with Eun. She is married but they cannot live together until after the papers are finalized. We don’t want anything to jeopardize the proceedings.”
He sits up a little straighter and pulls out his phone, “In fact, that is a perfect solution!” He gets up, and turns to you, “Give me just a minute okay?”
When he wanders back into the room he is still on his phone. He puts it down on the coffee table and sits back down next to you.
“You are on speaker Eun.”
“Annyeonghaseyo [YN]. I assume by this phone call that the two of you have worked things out?”
You blush, even though you know she can’t see you. “Yes, thanks to you Eun.”
[HN] reaches over and kisses your fingertips. “Things are very good Eun. Except, I need somewhere for this lovely lady to stay if I am to convince her to return to Seoul with me.”
It’s quiet for a minute and then Eun suddenly sounds really excited.
“Oh, she can stay with me! Omo, that is perfect! Why did we not think of this sooner?”
“Exactly my thought.”
“Would you two mind explaining to me what makes this so perfect?”
“Of course. It is difficult for me to see my husband. Too many visits to my apartment or me to his and people begin to talk. If you were to move in here, [HN] and he could come over together. People might think you and my husband are dating but that will soon work itself out when the lawyers are done. You being here means I can see my husband and you can see [HN], we can even go out together, oh this is a perfect idea!”
“Now we just need [YN] to agree to it all.”
He looks over at you,
“[YN]? Will you come back to Seoul with me? Move in with Eun and be with me?”
Wow interesting lol. Hmmm...fake bf will be with fake gf, while hubby will be will be with real gf?! haha! So tangled and loving it! Hey it wall seems to work out!
Eun is awesome😂👏🏻😂😂
bish say yes!
Well that just works out now doesn't it? ;)
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