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Remember that insane TV show where MNet took 101 girls and made them compete to become a girl group?

Well, they're doing it again this time with:

49 boys.

Here are the first seven contestants:

Lee Hwa-Young

Feb. 1, 1996

Park Jun-Seo

Dec 28, 2001

Jin Seong-Ho

Jul 18, 1997

Kim Jin-Seob

Jan 3, 1996

Kim Yong-Hyun

Sep 13, 1996

Lee Hae-Jun

Aug 16, 1995

Hwang In-Ho

Jun 21, 1993

Who will be watching, or are you done with music reality shows?

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They came out with a song 24 boys- rising star
Park Jun Seo is a year younger than me!?!?!??! How is that even possible when I'm always younger than everybody!! And he looks like the oldest!!! 😨😨 And they're all so attractive, I'll definelty have to watch this. Where can I??
I thought Lee Hwa Young was V for a second...had to do a double take lmao.
Oh to be younger!!! Kim Yong-Hyun good lord has that look of come here!!!
How in the flying ... Kim Yong-Hyun is literally 5 days YOUNGER than me and he looks way more mature than I ever will be! But hey ...😍 I finally found someone near my age that I can happily crush on lol πŸ˜…