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Trigger Warning!!! Depression, Suicide, Self-harm, and Vulgar Language. -Plz take caution when reading! -You can always talk to me if u been help.

_ * _ * _ * Yoongi's POV: "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. Forgive me, forgive me please. I can't take this, why? Why did you hurt me so?" Flashback: -"Are they together?" -"No, but they act like it right?" -"Totally!" the girl giggled "Y/N, have you been taking your pills?" "Ne." she smiled, praying he couldn't see through her lie. Truth was she stopped taking them. She knew they were supposed to help her but they weren't helping at all. "Are you sure? You seem as if you're depressed again." "Ne, Yoongi, I'm sure. Don't worry." a smile flashed across both their faces. Tears poured down. The worst part was he knew something had been off. She had started to drift again but he... he clenched his fists hitting the floor. He was on his knees, head pressed to the ground. No one even came. He knew they didn't care but couldn't they even pretend? It was her God-damn funeral! He seethed remembering all their faces. How it was their fault... or was it? Wasn't it his? "NO! NO! I DIDN'T MEAN TO! I'M SO FUCKING SORRY! WAKE UP PLEASE! I-i.... I love you... please, I can't live without you..." He choked through sobs. Why didn't he tell her? He was embarrassed. He felt that his actions were enough. Weren't they? Everyone knew they were in love, so why couldn't he just tell her? It... it was his fault... he didn't stop her... Flashback: "Promise me something?" She questioned. Her voice cracking slightly, her eyes were empty but she kept a smile. "What?" he tilted his head getting a better look at her. "You have to stay happy. Stay caring and always love with your whole heart." a tear slipped and she quickly wiped it before he could see. "Why are you asking this?" he eyed her looking for any sign. "Just promise me. Please?" A sad smile spread across her face. "Okay I promise." _ * _ * _ * Y/N's POV: *night of death* She cut so deep tonight. The blood covered the bathroom sink turning it's once pure white marble to a deep red. Her vision started to blur as she walked into her room leaving a trail of red behind her. "Better make it quick." she mumbled grabbing the rope from her bed. Tears came down making it harder to see than it already was but she managed. She didn't have much time so she had written a letter to him beforehand knowing she wouldn't have time. Slipping her head through the noose she breathed her last words. "Forgive me." And she jumped so her body hung limp from the ceiling. A final tear falling on the floor. _ * _ * _ * Yoongi's POV: *the day she was found* -"There was a letter for you found. Her parents said they weren't surprised and the police found a full container of pills for depression. I'm sorry but it was suicide." his mother left his room after placing the letter in his hands not really caring if he read it or not. Shakingly he opened it and let his wails echo in his empty room as his heart shattered. 'Dear Yoongi, I always loved you. I don't know why I never said it. I guess I thought you never really did like me. I'm sorry I lied. You probably know now that I stopped taking my medicine. But truth was the pills weren't helping either. I knew I wasn't going to hold out much longer so I made you make that promise to me. I laugh at my stupidity, really. I would always think of what life would be like if we actually got together. But even though we acted like we were, it would never be real because we couldn't say three simple words. We really are cowards. I'll be watching you from above so make sure to keep your promise to me. I know I broke mine, but... please. It's my dieing wish. I know you're the only one that's going to care about my death. Even my parents don't care... huh, guess I really am pathetic. My mind was always right. You're probably mad at me or even yourself but I need you to finish this. Here it goes... Our love was always doomed. It was too fragile; it would never last. I learned a phrase to explain it... Skinny Love: a type of relationship between two people that are very in love with each other, or are crushing big time on the other; but are far to embarrassed to express their feelings. The relationship is 'skinny' because they have yet to come out and explain their true feelings. There is no communication, there for it's not even really a 'relationship'. That describes ours perfectly. So indeed all we had was Skinny Love.
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here come the waterworks 馃槶馃槶 Very inspiring. I'm finding stories on here cause I'm writing one. the ending consists of the character commuting suicide, so this is helpful for words to describe it. Thank you very much for this inspiring piece鉂も潳
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