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*90 miles outside of Tokyo We happen upon a a small mountain range housing the volcano Mount Asana where a massive amount of Magic Power is Emanating from the inside, It may seem like a normal active volcano, but towards its core is swirling portal that takes you to the gates of Hell's Capital, Pandemonium. We find a Goblin Scout running frantically towards a Castle, he's * IMPOSSIBLE.... IMPOSSIBLE, THERE'S NO WAY OUR URUKS WOULD BE SLAUGHTERED BY 4 MERE MORTALS UNLESS.... ARE THEY? NO THEY CAN'T BE THE... TRINITY SEVEN!!! I HAVE TO INFORM BILE-SAMA!!* The Goblin Reaches a Castle opens the giant doors and continues down the long hallway* Further down the hallway we enter the Chambers of the Demon Bile who is working on a rather interesting magical concoction, the Goblin Scout reaches the door and barges in* BILE-SAMA!!! I HAVE URGENT NEWS ON THE ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE THE MAGIC KING CANDIDATE!!! T-THE 100 URUKS YOU SENT TO CAPTURE THE MAGIC KING HAVE BEEN HALTED AND SLAUGHTERED IN AN AMBUSH BY 4 FEMALE MAGES WITH MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MAGIC ENERGY!!!* Bile quickly looks up at his disciple, in an Eerie raspy voice Bile replies* What was that I just heard you say? It sounded like you have forgotten about the next part of my Prophecy, Diabel Who were these 4 Female Mages with this Immense Magic Energy you spoke of just now?*Diabel responds fearfully* I'm afraid we may have gotten the attention of 4 this Magic King's Trinity Seven! If thats the case They were the ones responsible for the slaughter of the 100 Uruks you deployed!* Bile let's out a demonic laugh* Looks like My Prophecy is coming to FRUITION!* Bile looks through a crystal ball that seems to be playing back Zakku's fight Against the two Stage 3 Rhinos and the Stage 4 Alpha Rhino* The Boy sure does have an appetite for Destruction!!* He motions over at Diabel to look at into the crystal ball* Now Diabel is it true that this Boy is one of the two Offspring of The previous Magic King, Despero Trinity and Olivia The Saint of Lust I fought precisely 13 years ago during the release of my Gastrea attack?* Diabel responds* Y-yes Bile-sama, although he doesn't seem to be aware of the dormant power of Metus Trinity living within him. *Bile looks at his claws and a twisted Smile appears with sharp teeth visible* I feel like it was only yesterday when I Killed his with my own hands!! I was lucky enough to have catch and kill them when they were at the most Vulnerable!! Watching their faces twist in pain was so irresistible and their Screams of Despair was music to my ears!* As Bile continues with his twisted memory something catches his Eye in the crystal ball, It's Zakku and He's with Chitoge and Enju, He turns over to Diabel and asks* Diabel? Who is this woman that is with this Boy? Is she one of the of those female Mages you were blathering about earlier?*Diabel responds* No My Lord, She is a mortal woman who possesses no magic Abilities, but She and that little girl are the ones closest to him by far, He has not yet interacted with the 4 Female Mages I previously spoke of.* Bile smiles and laughs* The time is almost upon us, and SOON MY PLAN OF UNLEASHING CHAOS AND DESPAIR WILL BECOME A REALITY, WE MUST DO EVERYTHING WE CAN TO TRIGGER THE AWAKENING OF OUR YOUNG MAGIC, EVEN IF IT MEANS KILLING THE ONES HE'S CLOSEST TO HIM WHETHER MORTALS OR MAGES!* Bile begins to laugh Insanely and Calls to Diabel* GET AN ARMY OF 10,000 URUK ELITES READY, I WILL ACCOMPANY YOU ALL ON YOUR MISSION AND SEE TO IT YOU DON'T DISAPPOINT ME, DIABEL!! TONIGHT WE BEGIN INVADING THE REALM OF EARTH TO CAPTURE THE MAGIC KING, METUS TRINITY!!!!* Back To the Realm called Earth we happen upon The Royal Biblia Academy, An Academy that Houses Our 4 Trinity Seven Heroines. They are all assembled in the Headmaster's Office, The Headmaster is looking outside his window and senses a Massive amount of Magic Energy Piercing through the Forest* We haven't very much time before Bile and His Army of Uruks invade.* The Headmaster looks at Levi, Liese, Akio and Lilith, He takes off his glasses* Ladies, this mission will not be easy so listen carefully to what I have to say.* Levi, Liese, Lilith, and Akio respond* Understood!
*The Headmaster sits down at his desk and begins to explain their mission* It would seem that Bile, one of the 13 Rulers of Hell has targeted our Young Magic King Candidate, and He's looking to again unleash Chaos throughout the world by Controlling the power of our Young Magic King here. He is the one responsible for the death of the previous Magic King, Despero Trinity and Olivia The Saint of Lust 13 years ago.* Headmaster turns to Levi* Levi-san you are the one who has been keeping a close eye on Zakku-kun's Battles.*Levi Replies* I sure have and from what I can gather whenever he uses this Ability called BERSERKER MODE at full power it would seem he is tapping into His Magic Abilities, He loses himself and turns into a Bloodthirsty killing machine, but it would seem that cannot control that form unless the ones He loves and cares for are in Danger. When that happens He is able to control Control His BERSERKER MODE drawing out the Magic King's Power within Him. It's a spectacular site to see.* Headmaster responds* Ohhhh, seems as though we have a Magic King prodigy in the making! That makes my plan alot easier. Listen up all of you. This is your mission!! You must interact with Zakku-kun, His lover and his Daughter while you are undercover and gain their trust. If they are caught in the incoming invasion. You must also take these two talismans, and place them around the necks of the girl and his Daughter and move them as far away from the Battlefield as possible* Headmaster turns his head to Lilith and hands her the talismans.* Once you move them away from the Battlefield, this should allow Our Young Magic King to fight at his full ability. * Lilith responds* Roger that!!* The Headmaster looks at all four of them* Your mission Ladies, is to Protect the Magic King and prevent Bile from triggering an unholy awakening creating a Breakdown Phenomenon that can destroy the city. If worse comes to worse, Kill Him if his power becomes to overwhelming for him or if he begins to harm any innocent lives.* The Four Girls respond* Yes sir!* Headmaster Smiles and says under his breath* Looks like we'll meet you soon, Son of Despero Trinity and Olivia The Saint of Lust. Ladies, Your mission begins now!!* The Girls Vanish as we head over to the South side of Tokyo where we find Zakku walking with LT Tokogawa, He stops and looks up at the sky* Something doesn't feel quite right about today, It's as if I'm being targeted.* LT Tokogawa turns around and asks* You alright Zakku? You were spacing out for a bit there.*Zakku looks at Tokogawa and says* It's nothing, I'm Fine...
Ending: Restart the World sung by Lieselotte and Selina Sherlock (Nao Toyama And Aya Suzaki) I hope you guys enjoy Chapter 5! It really was a challenge to enter the mind of a Demon I hope you guys enjoy his Bile's Character! What do you think of Zakku's Lineage? Being the son of a Magic King and a Saint, I would have to say Zakku is destined for greatness! Things are about to Get Real in the next Chapter!! BE SURE TO TUNE IN FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE BIONIC MAGIC KING!
@SAMURXAI I really had to go into a dark corner of my mind to create Bile I had to switch up my music genres and just listen to some Rob Zombie, Korn, Slipknot, and a bunch more to twist my mind just a bit to bring his character to light. He is an interesting character actually lol
I absolutely thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Your dialogue was on fucking point, you had very few grammar or typo issues, it read really solid and paced nicely, sad we didn't get any Zakku perspective, but set up, obviously right on said you wanted to build suspense, switching perspective and leaving out the MC is actually a fantastic way to do just that. awesome man, your effort shows and it's paying off
oooo all hell about to lit loss lol