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I'm watching KCON live to see who else is going to be preforming and I see this~
Astro is going to be at KCONLA!!! XD
These boys just debuted in Feburary and have been very successful thus far but it's really heartwarming to know that they've been successful enough to make it to KCON in the same year they debuted!
I'm so happy that I'm going to be seeing 2 out of the 4 groups I've always wanted to see at KCON! XD
And the fact that Astro are fanboys for BTS! Ahhh!! XD <3
Another great artist was announced and it literally made me squeal with excitement! XD
Dean!! XD
I'm going to be hardcore dying at KCON this year!
Soo happy he's attending! XD
His beats are going to be lit! <3 <3 x3
What do you guys think? Anybody fangirling as much as I am? Because I literally threw my phone across the room when I saw the notifications!! XD
Tell me your thoughts! :D
This has been KpopINT's S-HOPE (@Sailynn)! :D
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*crying in the corner because I can't see Astro or BTS* (╥﹏╥)
wow! they seem amazing this is going to sound terrible but I don't know who they are (I mean much about them) can someone tell me what song of there's I should listen to first???
@JarviaKlipka 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
oh gosh.... more reason to cry over not being able to go T-T 😢😢 im so proud of my boys ❤💕💕 (astro, bts)
ohhh so cute! BTS are fan boys of big bang and Astro are fan boys of BTS! Lol wow!
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