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If you haven't seen 'The Godfather', this webcomic might strike you as a little weird. Well, okay, even if you've seen 'The Godfather', it's still a little weird.
Anyway, here's my question for this card:

Do you remember the creepiest nightmare you've ever had?

I remember when I was a little girl, I had a nightmare my sister sleepwalked into a butcher shop and got turned into sausage links. This is what happens when your parents accidentally let you watch Pink Floyd's The Wall at a tender and impressionable age.
3 part nightmare, all centered around my mom trying to kill me in some way: 1-playing Wack-a-Mushu (from Mulan) in the backyard and going into some tent where my mom is a giant dragon trying to kill me and Mushu comes to save me and she turns normal acting like nothing happened 2nd-my moms 30th bday, I give her a came and she vomits out a 30th Bday ribbon and turns into an old had before a staircase opens in out kitchen wall and she grabs me before my dad can and takes me down to a bared door where two more old hags are trying to grab me. I think I actually did die in this one 3rd: we're on a roller coaster and I'm too small for the safety so slip out and go flying and she just laughs and waves I had this dream when I was 4 and again when I was 8. My mom and I ended up hating eachother when I was 12-13.
throwing up while giving a public speech and the teacher was a zebra
@danidee nope. Not at all! 鈽猴笍 it's actually gotten worse! Yeah pretty exiting but not to a four year old 馃槀 thank you though
my worst nightmare involved me watching a giant slowly and deliberately kill my favorite cousin... ugh still get sick from remembering it
When I got older, the dream didn't just end there, with me waking up crying. In those versions, I would open the medicine cabinet behind me, and crawl through a secret passageway to safety.
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