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So I went on a trip a few weeks ago by myself. I love traveling by myself because I can pick my own itinerary and really immerse myself in the new environment.
However, sometimes you want to take a picture of yourself in front of a few of the places you're visiting - and a passerby catches you trying to take the perfect selfie when this happens.
Them: "Hey, did you want me to take a picture for you?" (Stranger code for 'You look kind of dumb stretching your arm out like that. Let me spare you from your misery.')
Me: "Thank you! But it's okay." (My code for 'You don't know how to work my angles like I can. Trust.')
But eventually, they convince you, and you end up with a camera roll full of the least flattering shots of all time. Your self-esteem takes a momentary plunge.

Why can't people take pictures of you as well as you can?!