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Greatest Sports Store Display EVER!

This might be the greatest sports shot display in the history of mankind.

Not only was the real Bautista knocked out by Odor's punch...

Just about everything else in the entire world is being knocked out.

And before anyone starts thinking about doing bat flips in front of Odor...

they might need to consider the consequences that follow!

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HAHAHAHAAH I love this!
a year agoReply
I wish it had Bautista helmet and his sunglasses in the corner lol. still love it 馃槀
a year agoReply
"Bat flips get fat lips." Bahahaha that's like bitches get stitches.
a year agoReply
Bet that shop's in Texas!
a year agoReply
And agreed @yulissab2015!
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