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Recently I got a text from an ex, he wanted to meet with me "just to talk" he'd said....so I met him at Starbucks and he said that our break up was a mistake, and he wanted to try to work it out. Thing is a friend of mine said he was cheating on me, which he denied, but I ended it....that was over a year ago, why in God's great creation would he be wanting to "work on our relationship" now? And why wait to do it for so long? I thought I'd moved on, but I'm starting to think I haven't....I just don't know what to do.
Leave him! Seems like your life has been going well without him!
One does not simply, after a year, decide they want to fix a relationship. most likely he is lonely and knows that you are manipulated easy. ( I'm not implying that you are) take it from me, I'm a guy don't do it. all he wants is what's under your clothes. I'd be willing to bet one of my internal organs on it. besides I'm sure you've been living a happy life this last year why look back to the past it's time to look to the Future. best of luck to you
If you ended it, you ended it for a reason. Don't look back.