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Korean youth have a LOT of pressure on them to do well in school and live a "good" life, and so most people trying to become entertainers or artists face serious stress from their parents.

I know that many of us have felt the same thing from our families, and this one Korean hip hop artist decided to make a little rap for his mom.


The video is funny but also quite sad, there are SO many idols that lost contact with their families over their dreams and often never reconnected with their parents until they were sufficiently famous and their parents could finally be proud of them.

For example, Hoya of Infinite's father didn't speak to him for nearly 5 years when Hoya left high school to move to Seoul and pursue his dreams.

So I guess I just want to say, FIGHTING to all of you who are brave enough to fight for your dreams, and I hope that you AND your families can find happiness.
SHE WAS SNAPPING IN THAT VIDEO!!! 😂😂😂 I AM SO SORRY, BUT I'M LAUGHING SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!!!!! I CAN NOT TAKE THINGS SERIOUSLY!!! I mean...So sad...I feel so bad..I really do! 😢😢 I'm so glad that everyone's family in GOT7 supports them..I mean, the parents that I know of at least.... 😢😢 (thatraptho😂😂 I'M SORRY!)
i think yoongi and his parents are on good terms now. they have even been to 2 of his concerts recently that i know of @CassidyRoush
Yoongis parents don't contact him last I checked cause he decided to be come a idol
😢 ~Hugs everyone in the chat ~
DAT Rap doe! this card is sad and it breaks my heart
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