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Here's a continuation of our hair coloring series. Last week I shared about level, tone and shade. Today, I will go over the coloring technique for trending highlights. Refer to the diagram below for illustrations.
Ombre: you can easily distinguish where the coloring is done. Professional colorist will normally try to minimize the appearance of the hard line. So, it doesn't look like someone just dab your hair into a pit of dye. Sombre: It's more of a gradient coloring. It takes a lot of work to blend the color from dark to light but the result is amazing. The hair will look natural and soft. Splash Light: You don't see this one as often now. The highlighting technique is to depict light hitting your hair. Hence, the tilted highlight is done in the middle.
Balayage: This one is kind of hard to explain. The top is darker and three strokes of highlight will be done instead of one. The first and last stroke is gradient. The middle stroke is a solid color of the lightest dye. Most hair colorist just freestyle this and make a pattern of their own.
Flame Balayage: This one is a v-shape gradient across the hair section. The two section should not be too far apart from one another. Otherwise, it will create a rougher style. Also, hair dye should be 1-2 shade lighter than the base hair for a more natural look.
Blur: This one will look like balayage at first but it's different. You'll be using several shades for this highlight and make it blend really well with the entire hair. This is usually done with a blur blush!
@hikaymm That's pretty exciting! Have you decided on a pastel color yet?
@misssukyi I've never tried doing ombre by myself. My sisters usually help me out to avoid the hard line. And definitely, with balayage it's a good idea to get it done at the salon! I'm excited for you. :D
I've done ombre on myself before at home. My favorite is balayage, and after my hair grows longer again, I'm planning to go get it done at a salon xD
@HairConfetti Maybe a purple? :D
I'm thinking about doing ombre again sometime!! but doing it in a pastel color :)