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The starting rotation that we were all hoping for seems to be on track now!

We knew we weren't going to have any problems with MadBum...

And to everyone that's had their doubts on these two...

well you guys were wrong!

And with Cain and Peavy getting back on track...

Just a heads up...

Giants starters in the past eight games pitched 60.2 innings with 46 K, 12 BB, and an ERA of 1.48.

That's right. We are on track to win this thing!
Giants fans,

What do you guys think about our starting rotation?

Yeah this series against the Cubs will really test our strength....But another solid pitching and W today as well!
the cubs are dangerous throughout the line up. so we gotta be extra special and get some offense behind the pitching.
we better defend home coming up. we playing better on the road and thats not like us.
i think the boys can go far, but I'm hoping Cain and Peavy give us good innings this weekend...
i personally still dont trust Peavy. but every body else pulling their weight. hope we get to 10 game winning streak. the test will be in Chicago this weekend
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