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I can't comprehend it but I like them all!!! Why do Kpop fans say that they only like JiKook & JJ Project & VMin & MarkSon but don't like VKook & MarkJin & 2Seok & JinBam...!?! ...Like if you're an ARMY or IGOT7 shouldn't you like all the members ships, regarless if it's the most popular one, because that's your favorite group...!?! ...I love (Jimin-RM-Kookie) JiKook & VMin & YoongMin & NamJin, but I also love all the other BTS ships too...!!! ...I'm not going exclude the other ships even though Jimin is my UB, because I feel like that's like saying only the popular ships matter...!!! ...Let me know what you guys think about this, because I just don't get it at all...!!! Namjoon Oppa is just so fine!
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well I like Markson. I don't ship anyone really but if I had to Markson for life. I'm not against any other ships but I just don't see them. Mark and Jackson have encouraged it too. idk I can see Vkook a little but only recently.