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You look into his eyes, you aren’t being fair. You haven’t said the words either.
“I just want to go home. If you want to stay, I can catch a cab.”
He stands up, wraps his arms around you and kisses the top of your head.
“I’ll take you home. I have no desire to be here without you.”
You nod and the two of you head to the exit through the dance floor. You tap Jak on the shoulder; she takes one look at your face and hugs you.
“You okay?”
You shrug, “I’m heading home. Will you be there later or are you staying with Ji?”
She looks up at Kyungil who nods.
“I think we both need the strength of our guys tonight. But if you need me I totally expect you to call okay?”
You nod, give her a last squeeze and follow Kyungil out to his car. When you arrive at your apartment he turns the car off and faces you.
“Can I stay? I just need to be with you, please?” He tips your face up to his, searching your eyes for an answer.
You do love him; you want only to be with him. That’s not a hard question.
“Yes please.”
He leans over and presses his lips gently to yours. “Thank you.”
He gets your mats out while you get ready for bed. When you return he’s got everything arranged and is waiting for you. You hit the lights and crawl over into his arms. Neither of you say anything, just find comfort in holding and being together.
Too many things are running through your brain making it difficult for you to sleep. As soon as you’ve relaxed enough for him to think you’re about to doze off, you feel him fall asleep. You start a new job in the morning; hopefully it won’t be anything taxing as you know you'll be sleep deprived.
There is a little bit of wiggle room in his arms, you lean up to stare at him while he sleeps. This broken; beautiful man that has wormed his way into your life and heart. Is he worth the uncertainty? Aren’t his actions speaking louder than any words could? You move a strand of hair off his forehead; place a tiny kiss on his lips and whisper, “Saranghae”.
Unbeknownst to you, as you lay back down in the circle of his arms, a small tear escapes from his closed eyes. His arms tighten around you and you drift off to sleep, feeling safe and comforted.
When his alarm goes off, it is way too early for the birds to even be up. You groan and bury your head in his chest, pulling the blanket over. You hear a responding moan, but then he turns to you. Hands start roaming under your pajamas and suddenly you don’t care how early it is. You lift your face up to receive his kiss and forget that you’ve only had 4 hrs of sleep. This man makes reality so much better than your dreams could ever be.
You start the day off at your new job with meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Even though you just finished a successful job for the KPOP MV they want your input on current in-progress jobs before handing you any specific accounts. When you break for lunch you wander around looking for your new desk. When you arrived you were shown it and then dragged into a meeting. A co-worker finally takes pity on you and shows
you through the maze.
You think you must be at the wrong desk; there are flowers and a stack of folders already on the desk. However, the name plate they made tells you that it is yours and they obviously expect you to dig right in.
You lean over to smell the beautiful flowers and find the card. The card is simple and sweet.
“For my Queen. Good luck today, I’ll be over later. Gil”
You have to sit down, you wanted words and he’s trying. You weren’t sure you could love him anymore, apparently you were wrong.
Hit me right in the heart 💘
Oh, he heard my confession, OMO! And just the fact that he's trying is the sweetest thing ever. 💜
actions do speak volumes more than words ever could but he's so stuck lost and wounded. poor thing afraid to use the words we all wanna hear
omo. gash. dies in awes lol