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So I wanted to try a new either or in this chapter. Then someone pointed something out about Unicorns and it kind of went sideways when I put it in the story. You'll have to tell me what you think, and who knows it may get serious after this.
Several minutes went by before the guys decided it was time to go back to original assigned seats so when the food came in a bit the food would go to the right person. With that everyone got up to move, aside from Trinity. “Why do you have to come back?” She questioned when I sat down. “Well hello, I missed you too” I said to her with a grin. I looked over at Panther who was having a conversation with the girl he was sitting next to. “Is it bad that I really want to interrupt them?” I questioned Trinity “Who?” Trinity asked looking around. “Panther. Technically we haven't talked to him in 3 hours now” I said “We've been talking to others” she crinkled her nose. “Oh, I got another either or” I started. “What is it now?” She asked. “Unicorn or dragon?” I asked. “Dragon. They breath fire ” she said instantly. “Why would you pick unicorn?” She questioned assuming. I had actually wanted dragon too. But now I had to stick with unicorn. I felt obligated to defend the unicorn. “Hey, unicorns have a magical horn that can stab you when you get too close to them”. I told her. “Well no they wouldn't. See unicorns are innocent and pure so they won't harm you. Plus they only let virgins ride them” she said. “It’s okay your safe to ride one” Trinity stated. “Hey” I raised my voice as she laughed. “What it’s true. Isn’t that why you picked unicorn?” Trinity got the words out in between laughter. “No, cause they have a magical aura about them” I told her. “Well so do dragons and they breath fire” she said. By this point Suga and Rap monsta were turning back to look at us. I stared at Trinity for a second and than we grinned together. “Let’s ask them” she said. “Suga!” I started. “Would you choose dragon or unicorn?” I asked him. He stared for a moment and than answered. “Dragon” he said. “Dragon” Rap monsta said without even having the question asked. “I think they over heard us” I said looking at Trinity. “Are you a virgin?” Rap monsta questioned looking at me. I couldn’t help it, a deep blush set into my face and it made him laugh. “You could always join the mile high club” Trinity said as she slapped my arm. “Shut up” I told her as I rubbed my arm where she hit me. “Mile high club?” Suga questioned as Rap monsta laughed his head off. “What are you talking about?” Tae questioned leaning over to ask. “Dragon or Unicorn?” Trinity asked him. “Well Dragons are more manly” he commented. “So what, I would choose Unicorns. They are mythical and enchanting!”j hope said upon hearing the question. “You would choose one” Tae said laughing at him. Both me and Trinity laughed for a completely different reason. “What about you kooki? Trinity questioned “Dragon! I've always wanted to turn into one. That would be cool” he exclaimed right away “Jimminne what would you choose? Dragon or unicorn? Trinity asked him next. “I want to say Unicorn but I’m going Dragon. I’ve seen that movie how to train a dragon. I wanna learn to make it talk and fly me around in the sky!” he exclaimed. “Oh my” I said staring at him. “I loved that movie!” I exclaimed. “YES” he exclaimed with me. “You pick Dragon?” he asked me. “No I picked unicorn. They have pretty hair” I nodded. “And I’m sure they wouldn't flip me off like a regular horse would. Because unlike some people” I turned to look at Trinity “I can ride a unicorn” I said proudly making the two guys in front of us laugh. “Because your an innocent and pure blooded virgin?” Panther came into the conversation all of a sudden. “I was already embarrassed by that. No longer am I” I said staring at him. “So you answer. Dragon or Unicorn?” I asked him. “Dragon” he said with a straight face. “I’m no virgin” he added. I burst out laughing. “I’m a dragon too” The girl next to him stated. She looked over panther at us. Her round face appeared with a brown bob framing it and her eyes staring at us. “Really. Is it just me and j hope who picked unicorn than?” I questioned looking around. “Wait what was your name? You look like a new addition?” I asked looking at her. “Oh um I’m Daniella” she said. “Hi Daniella. I’m Ari and this is Trinity” I told her. “Now back to business” Trinity said pulling my attention back. “What business?” I asked. “Who's joining mile high club?” She asked. My eyes widened. “What!” I questioned staring at her. “Cherry picking anyone!” She called out. That did it. I was officially embarrassed enough that I couldn’t face any of them. “I’m done. I’m done!” I said standing up. “What? Why? Where are you going?” she asked watching me walk briskly down the aisle and to the little bathroom to hide myself. I didn’t think I could get this embarrassed, but really, Trinity. “I will get you back” I grumbled under my breath. While I was there I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was still down but messed up. Thank god I had a scrunchy on my wrist. I quickly plaited my hair and let the braid come over my shoulder so I could see what I was doing. It came down just past my shoulder.
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@SweetDuella heheh so if I'm trinity...I sent rap Monster in lol
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