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Kris sighed as he took light steps down the streets of Seoul. Its been about 3 years since he has been in Seoul. He couldn't help but be cautious everywhere he went. He never knew if he would bump into you or EXO. Kris looked up and saw his favorite cafe in his view. He walked inside and got himself a mocha frappachino with no whipped cream on top. Once he got his coffee he walked out and looked straight ahead. SM ENTERTAINMENT was right in front of him. Where his life became hell but where he also met his love. You are the beautiful sister, twin sister might I add, to the one and only Park Chanyeol. You became tranees together and EXO debuted first but you knew it would happen. Kris knew he fell in love with you when you both were trainees. You would hang out with him the most. He made you laugh and smile when you were down. He was your strength, until he left you without a word. No text or call. Kris regretted that. He wish he could turn back time so that he could. Kris stopped in front and let out a slow breath. Should he? No. Why would he? "Excuse me sir, your in my way" Kris' eyes widened. The voice of an angel was talking. "Sure (Y/N)" You looked up at Kris' face in pure shock. He was back. "Oppa?" You then shake your head "I-I'm sorry I thought you were someone else" You couldn't see if it was Kris thanks to the face mask, sunglasses, and hat. "But I go by Lily now, remember I debuted 2 years ago" You were right and Kris knew that. He kept an eye on you as you were a trainee. You finally debuted in a girl group called koi, which meant love in Japanese. The reason your group was called koi was because a majority of the group was Japanese. Kris nodded at you and took off his sunglasses. "Park Lily then? Why not Park (Y/N)? I like it better" You couldn't hide your shock. It really was Kris. "Kris why don't you come in with me. We can talk inside not out here" Kris nods and puts the sunglasses on and walks in with you. "How have they been?" "They are doing good. They lived just like we did Kris" You let out a sigh and walked to EXOs practice room. "Go see them" Kris looked at you shocked. He never thought that you would do this for him after what he did. "A girlfriend can't be to rash. I mean technically we never broke up Oppa" Kris smiled and put his arm around her as he jumped up in the air. "Will they be happy?" "Ya. They miss you" Kris only gave a sad smile as he twisted the knob and walked in with you after him. "Who is this?" Chanyeol was the first to stop and look at the two. "This is my boyfriend Chanyeol" "I don't accept" "Do you know him?" You had your arms crossed "erm no? why" "then that means listen to him" All the members had their eyes on Kris. He started to fidget around until he took his mask and sunglasses off. "hi guys in home" *END* I really loved writing for these 12 days, even though I missed writing for Sehun, I had tons of fun. It has been a while since I have wrote so thank you for reading these and please support me when I write in the future. THANK YOU~