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We were finally at a nice club that we agreed was safe. "Shots!" I said walking to the bar to order. Kookie followed. "Are you buying the first round?" He asked "Yeah of course." the bartender set the drinks down for me. I waved the others over. "Thank you" they all said. "Congrats on the amazing album." I said holding my glass up. "Cheers." We all drank it fast. "Woah." kookie said and he shivered. "Yea you'll get used to it sometime." I laughed. We ordered another round and then we each went with individual choices. I turned to the bartender. "What do you recommend?" "What do you like?" "fruity...but I want it in a bottle." "Oh try's hard orange soda it's really good." He smiled pulling one out for me. I grabbed the bottle but ended up holding his hand in mine for a few seconds until he let go. He smiled at me. I smiled back. I took a sip. "That is good thank you." I paid him and turned around to see Yoongi standing there. "Come dance with me." He said pulling me onto the floor. I'm not a great dancer but with a few drinks in me I don't care what I look like. I grabbed on to Yoongi and was bouncing around having a good time and he was laughing. He had his hands on my waist most of the song. I'm assuming to keep me from falling over. I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him. "Thanks for the dance." I then let go and walked over to Jimin and asked him to help me form a dance group. He convinced Kookie and Tae and Hoseok to join once again just goofing around and laughing at each other. I looked at Yoongi and he was at the bar getting another drink. Jin and Namjoon were hitting on some girls. "Hey beautiful would you mind dancing with me?" I turned to this very handsome man. "Sure." I smiled and he took my hand and he led me to the center of the floor. He wrapped his hands around my waist and I put a hand on his shoulder. We were grinding and at one point he got close to my ear. "Do you wanna get out of here and go to my place?" "No thanks." I pushed off of him and left him standing at the end of the song. Was I really that wanted. I glanced around there weren't that many girls but still. "Hey." I turned to another guy. He didn't ask to dance all he did was want to talk. it was a nice change. I ended up laughing at a joke he said and I playfully hit his shoulder and then excused myself. I walked towards the bathroom but never made it there. I was pulled into another room. I was pushed up against the wall. I looked up and relaxed a bit. "Yoongi what are you doing?" "Why are you flirting with every guy in here?" "I'm not." "They all want you." "Well if they do great but I don't want them. I'm just having a good time." He moved a piece of my hair behind my ear. Butterflies came quick and I stopped talking. "I don't like all these guys around you." "Why not?" I quietly said and looked down. "Because...." He lifted my chin up with his finger to make me look at him. he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. We would have probably gone farther but we stopped due to someone screaming. "YOONGIIIII.....WHERE......DIIIIIIIID YYOOOOOUUUUU GOOOOOOO" "Damn Jimin." He said still trying to catch his breath. "It's ok.....we....shouldn't do have a girl you like....unless I really pushed her out of your mind?" I smirked and looked into his eyes hoping for some hint. He was about to say something when the door flew open. "What are you guys dooooing" Tae said with a smirk. "He was worried about me so he wanted to talk." I lied "Worried about what? Those guys? Dude there's 7 of us she's not going with anyone." "Yea...I was just checking if she was doing ok if not we would leave. " "Well it is quieter in here...(Y/N) Do you want to go home yet?" Tae asked "No I want to dance a little more." "Ok well I'm going to go home with Jin, Namjoon and Kookie. He had a little too much." "Aww Ok I'll go say goodbye." I walked past him to find kookie just sway on the dance floor. I smiled and ran over to the DJ booth. I asked them to play a song and they thankfully said they'd put it on right after the song that was playing. I walked back over to Kookie and grabbed his hand and pulled him more onto the dance floor. "Kookie make sure you drink a glass of water before you go to bed tonight ok" "Ok." "Now do you think you can dance a hard dance right now?" He looked at me with a confused look. "Yea....why?" "I wanna dance to this one song and I know you know the dance since I learned it from you." "Oh ok....what song." I smiled big. And then the song started. "Oh yeah" He said and smiled back. "Fire!" I heard and turned to the right and saw the others coming. They all ran and started dancing within a second. Although I was the worst out of everyone we all dance to fire and had a good time. Once the song ended The few started to leave. "Jimin and I are going to get food. Do you guys want anything?" Hoseok said. "No thanks though I'll see you at home" I said walking over to the bar to get a glass of water. I sat down and drank it slowly. "Can we talk?" Yoongi said grabbing another drink. "Sure." "I...." "Hey there....wanna have some fun" I turned to this dude who was right in my face. "No." "Come on you aren't having a good time with this tool." He said "Excuse you. I rather be with that tool than a stranger who just wants sex." He placed his hand on my shoulder. "If you don't take your hand off of her and leave now you will be on the floor in a second." Yoongi said and I couldn't help but smile. "She can make up her own mind." "I said No." I chimed in. Yoongi pushed the guys hand off of me and grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the bar. He was done and we just left. We didn't say anything for a bit. I noticed he was trying really hard to walk straight. "Yoongi you're drunk aren't you?" "Nooo." He stopped walking. "Ok let's get a taxi home." After several attempts I got us a taxi and I pushed him in first. He was drunk and trying not to show it. After a few minutes we arrived at home. He had his head resting on my shoulder and was sleeping. I shook him lightly and he barely woke up. I helped him in but it was hard being quiet. I managed to get his shoes off and get him up the stairs but once we got to the top of the stairs I looked at his door and realized he would wake everyone up going in there so I took him to my room. I put him on the bed and then went into my bag to grab my aspirin and then set it on the table next to the bottle of water I still had there. "(y/n)" I turned. Yoongi was sitting up and was motioning for me to come over to him. I walked over and sat down next to him. "Yoongi you should rest." I tried to lightly push him down but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him and pressed his lips against mine. I lightly pushed him away. "Yoongi....You...." "Don't say know you want me like I want you." He said making me blush. "But..." "No buts ok. I really like you and I don't want you to ever be with anyone else." "But what about that other girl?" "It was you. I lied because I was embarrassed and I thought we couldn't be together." "Yoongi.....I like you too....but at first it was just a fan loving suga...then spending all this time with you.....I fell in love with yoongi....the person not many get to see." "I'm so happy for the days at the train station." He leaned in and closed the space between us. As we were kissing I realized he didn't taste like alcohol. " arent drunk are you?" He smirked against my lips and answered. "Nope." "yah!" I said pushing him down and getting on top of him. "You tricked me." "Yea but I got to confess to you finally."He smiled. "Stop smiling makes me not angry." I rolled off of him and laid next to him. He got up and walked to the door. "Don't leave." I whined and he stopped and turned to me. "I'm not leaving." He smirked and locked the door and then came back to me, crawling on top. "I've been having some amazing dreams about you and I want to fulfill one tonight." "Oh I hope they were real good." "Trust me they were amazing. I want to have my way with you tonight if you'll let me." "Ok. I'll let you have control this time." I smirked and his lips met mine. ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♧ ♧ ♡ ♤ ♢ ♤ ♧ ♤ I rolled over and snuggled into Yoongi. Last night was amazing. I never in a million years could have even tried to imagine how amazing he was last night. I poked at him. I wanted some Suga this morning. I pressed my lips to his cheek and then his lips. "mmmmm" he pulled me closer to him. "We need to talk." I said causing him to shake his head no. "Yea we do....I didn't think that far ahead last night. What do we do" "We tell them we are dating" He mumbles. "Dating? We are?" I smiled "Yea we are and no you can't say no after we confessed to each other last night." "Oh I know I just wanted to hear you say it." "You...." "But seriously I'm breaking a rule being with you. I could get fired." He looked at me. "That won't happen." He was serious. "If we tell them, I'll lose my job and....then maybe be forced to not be with you." This actually made me want to cry. I can't imagine my life with out being around these guys everyday. "Then we won't tell them. Well stay a secret till we know for sure you won't get fired. Ok?" "Can we really keep us a secret? Especially from the guys?" "Well try...but I won't let you go so easily. I promise Noone will make us stay away from each other." "Ok...." I was a little upset that I wasn't going to be able to openly show how much I loved my new boyfriend. "Hey I don't want to keep us a secret but for you I'll do it....not for long but just a little ok." "I know." I snuggled into him and started to doze off with him when there was a knock. "(y/n) are you up." They tried the door and when they realized it was locked then said. "Oh she probably locked it so Yoongi wouldn't sneak into her room like last time." And then it was quiet. "Guess we gotta sneak you out of here." I whispered. "In a little bit." After a few minutes of cuddling we figured we had 2 options. The first option was I go out and make sure the coast is clear and then he runs to his room. The second option was to have him jump put the window and walk in through the front door and say he was at the studio last night. "Well let's do option 1 and then if they ask why you weren't in bed say you just got back from the studio. You thought everyone was still sleeping ok?" I said walking towards the door. "Ok. but first." He pressed his lips to mine and ran his tongue on my bottom lip and I let him in. As we pulled apart I bit his lip and smiled. "Good luck." I whispered and opened the door. I didn't hear anyone and didn't see anyone. He quickly ran down the hall and went into his room. I then walked downstairs to see if anyone was up. Surprisingly the only one up was Tae. "What are you doing?" "(y/n) your awake yay come play with me." I sat down next to Tae and we played Mario kart. While we waited for the track to load Tae turned to me. "So why did you lock your door?" "Oh I thought that if Yoongi was drunk he'd come in my room. We don't need that happening again...that was awkward." I laughed. "Yea but I think you'd like it." He turned back to the game. "Tae!" "What he's your bias of course that would be a dream come true." He laughed "Dude...I should have never said anything." "Can I have a chance as your bias or bias wrecker?" We started racing now. "Tae the whole group Is a bias wrecker. But Jimin is main bias wrecker and you are right below him." "Ouch. what if I did this." He paused the game and stood up. Then he lifted his shirt and did Jimin's move in No More Dreams. My jaw dropped. "Ok your fighting for that spot.....Today you have bias wrecked my main bias wrecker. He got closer to me. He was a few inches away from my face. "I'm gonna try for Yoongi's spot next " He smirked "Good luck with that one Tae it's not going to work." We both turned to Yoongi standing behind the couch. "See he's so confident that My feelings won't change." I smiled and pushed tae away from me. "Wanna join?" I asked holding the controller up. "Nah Yoongi probably has...." "Yea sure" Yoongi interrupted Tae. He grabbed a controller and sat next to me. As he was situating himself he brushed his fingers over my thigh. "Wow....(y/n) you are watching a first here....he normally just watches us play." Tae was really shocked by this.
Had to share a tae picture lol and I figured fire playing in a club and them dancing too it would be totally awesome to see lol....buuuut What did you think? Do you think they can stay a secret for long?
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Ahhhhh it was really good! ❤
Taetae needs to take it down a notch, he has actually became my bias wrecker recently, this boy is killing me.
this story is amazing and so cute😊 I doubt they'll keep it from the boys for long though
It'll be hard to keep from the guys for long, they're just too close both as friends and in location. But I'm hoping they'll be willing to help cover for us.
Oh I died way too many times in this chapter, Jimin's drunk af, V does Jimin's move in No More Dream like please, I can't, they are playing Mario Cart, they all danced to Fire, and then it got really hot. And sex happened!!!!
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