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A/N: I hope you guys are still alive at the end of this chapter. lol The original plan that i had today was to post make up chapters for the days i missed but @CLAKPOP want to go shopping for her work so I did that instead. Im sorry. lol
Chapter 11 ************** Since earlier in the day, I did my chores so I didn't have to do anything besides of what my Masters need me to do. Lunch has passed and I was now in the library looking through the books. I came to end of the shelf and saw a book that caught my eye. "You shouldn't read that without a Master permission but I guess I can give you permission to read it." A voice said as I was about to take the book off the shelf. I turned around to see Master Hyuk with a his white blonde hair styled back and him dressed in a checkered plaid shirt with a graphic shirt under it and black skinny jeans. He had his black choker on. "Why can't I read it?" I asked him. He glared at me and stepped close to me. He had me trapped against the wall. He tilt his head and studied me. I had my face turned to avoid his stare. "I think you forgot something at the end of your words. You don't want me to tell N that you didn't call me Master, now do you. I'm sure he enjoyed last night with you." "No Master Hyuk" I said looking at him with wide eyes. I could see the smirk that played on his lips. "Now ask me again" stroking his fingers down my cheek I gulped. "Why can't I read it, Master Hyuk" I asked. His red eyes glazed into my eyes. "Why Angel because it holds the information on us vampires." He said lifting his hand and the book flew into his hand. My jaw dropped open and wide eyes in disbelief that he made a book fly. "Close your mouth Angel, you'll catch a fly if you don't." He said using his two fingers to close my mouth. "Here, if you really want to read it, then read it. If you don't then you don't." He held the book in front of me. I took it in my hand. I looked down at it and ran my fingertips over the cover. "Thank you Master Hyuk" I said but when I looked up there was no one there. I looked around to see if he was hiding but he wasn't. He really disappeared. I shook my head head to snap myself back to reality. I pulled out a chair from the table that was in the middle of the room. I sat down and opened the book. I scanned  over the content. I flipped the page and started reading. How one can be a vampire. Through the legends of our ancestors we are born as a full blood vampires. These vampires are the most powerful and independent. They have no need for blood. The official name for them is true bloods. If they wish to feed on blood then they may can on human, animals or other vampires. If the vampire was turned then they have the choice of feed off of humans, animals, or their Masters and Mistress. This is a must or stages of insanity will develop. Vampires can come in clans or be individual but most true bloods are in clans. Slave to their Masters. A clan of vampires can have one or more slave. They may have a sexual or non sexual relationship. It is up to the Master or Mistres to put on the oders of what is to be done. If there is more then one slave then each Master or Mistress may have their own personal slave. Slave must obey to their Masters or Mistress. If any misbehaving punishment may be served. Masters and Mistress can have a love relationship with their slave(s) and may become their dominant lover. If the Master or Mistress wish to turn one of their slave into a vampire then they may do so. At that time the slave will become a mate and that master will choose a new slave. Mates. Not only can a slave have a special relationship with a vampire but a outsider or a human can be in a relationship with the Master or Mistress. If the mate is human then they can be turn if they wish to be. If the mate is a slave then the Master or Mistress will become more protective of what is theirs. If another Master preformed any sexual activity with anothers Masters or Mistress mate that is a slave then punishment can be be served. Powers. Many Vampires have a special ability. Some can have self control over themselves and other beings. Some will have the ability to have telepathy or read minds. Some have the ability to foresee the future and so on. These powers are received at a certain age or when they are turned. Many have these powers and many do not. Decreased of a Mate or Master/Mistress. If the mate or a Master/Mistress were to decreased then theres a severe depression that may lead to death of the mate or Master/Mistress. If one of them wish to mate again then may do so with the next inline. This does not happen often. I stopped reading to stretch my muscles. I been reading quite a while now. I looked at my watch to see that it was almost sunrise. Master Ravi, Hongbin and Ken said not to make them dinner. Master Leo didn't say anything as usual. Master Hyuk vanished somewhere that I had no clue and Master N has been gone since breakfast. I stood up as I made the chair scrape against the floor. I closed the book and left it there after pushing my chair in under the table. I walked through the halls that led to all the Masters room. Knocking on Master Hyuk's door three times. I received no answer, I sighed and knocked on Master Leo's door and got the same as Master Hyuk. I was about to knock on Master N door but something was telling me that he wasn't there. I dropped my hand and made my way done to the kitchen where it only took my half an hour to make dinner. Bitting my lip as I stared ot the window. I felt that was something was telling me to go outside. Following my gut, I stepped outside. The sky was turning lighter. The wind blew, making me shiver. I rubbed my hands as I made my way through the garden of the backyard. I stopped half way when I noticed a figure sitting down in the grass. He was looking up at the sky, not bothered that the wind was blowing. I heard a sigh from the figure as he got up. He dust off the dirt and grass from his pants. When he turned his eyes met mine and he stopped in mid step. I watched his clothes and hair blow in the wind. His red eyes looking into mine. Just by looking at him, made my heart beat fast and made my stomach turn. The burning sensation of needing his touch made my hormones crazy. And just by looking at him, at Master N. I knew  he was my mate that I read about in the book. I walked towards him and gently caressed his face as we both looked into each others eyes. I stood on my toes and kissed him. "I want to be yours forever" I whispered to him. "Then you shall forever be mine"
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