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Yeah, pretty dope

this is what you get when you go to Los santos car shop 😂
License plate also says Poser...can you imagine the people at the tag office?
omg that is the fulgiest Abomination I have ever laid my eyes on.... kill it with fire!
LMAO does it say poser on the hood...
@danidee It says Poser Mobile...XD
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Tips for Buying Used Cars for Sale Dubai, UAE
If you are a first-time car buyer or are in search of a better car it is a good idea to try and search for used cars for sale. Many are skeptical of buying used cars for sale in Dubai because of the risk of buying a used car and buying it from someone you do not know or trust. We all have heard stories about others who bought used cars for sale in UAE and it turned out that the vehicle had a lot of defects and faults which would require endless costly repairs. However, if you try and search wisely for a car you can find good value for money deals on used cars. You can find secondhand cars that have the same specs, features and performance as a new model but for significantly less money. If you are confused about where to start, look up a reliable car selling platform online. Here are a few guidelines to follow when searching for your car. Requirements from Used Cars for Sale You must know what you require from the vehicle you want to buy. Now a days there are plenty of features and accessories in used cars for sale but you have to figure out what function will the vehicle will serve. You need to ask yourself how many individuals will travel in the vehicle, what accessories will make the travelling experience more convenient and what kind of warranty as well as service deals are being offered for the used car for sale in Dubai. You should look up used cars for sale in UAE through online classifieds that provide all relevant information required. Budget It is very important that you have a budget or a range that you are willing to spend in to buy a secondhand car. A person can easily be lured into buying a vehicle that costs a ridiculously huge amount of money. Having a budget set to buy a vehicle will allow you to keep your secondhand car buying search in focus. You will be able to fine-tune your search by filtering out all the vehicles over your budget. This will also allow you time to evaluate and think about every option. Search All Options Make sure and put in the effort of going through all the platforms that offer used cars for sale. Checkout online car selling classifieds that offer a wide variety of used cars for sale in Dubai. Keep in mind that you should only do research when checking out used cars for sale in UAE at dealerships. Dealerships are basically middlemen that plan on making a profit from selling you a car. When you buy directly from the car owner the vehicle will cost you roughly 30% less. Inspection While searching for secondhand cars for sale you must make sure and thoroughly check the vehicle out. Do not show your excitement to buy a vehicle at first sight. Check under the hood for any oil or fluid leaks. See if the car has any indications of being repaired after an accident. See if its build is misaligned and check out if parts of the vehicle have been repainted. Check the tires to see if they are all evenly worn out. See if how well the brakes are performing. See if the odometer tells a realistic reading according to the vehicle. Vehicle parts as pedals indicate how much the wear and tear the vehicle has gone through. Make sure you take a test drive, see if the car makes any sounds it should not and performs its required functions. Pay to Reserve the Car When you have decided to buy a used car for sale then you will have to pay a little in advance to book the car. Normally you would have to pay a few thousand dirhams and can reserve a used car for sale in Dubai. In most cases, paperwork is not required while booking a car. You do have to be sure that you buy a used car for sale in UAE from a reliable seller and have something in writing or an email that states you have booked the car and in what circumstances is the deposit refundable in. Manage Payment Cash deals might be simpler, but they are riskier. You must discuss with the car seller what form of payment they will accept. Both you as the buyer and the seller need to clearly understand the mode of payment that you both are willing to make the deal on. Once you have made the deal to buy then you should take your time during the payment and transfer of ownership process. Make sure that you have all the required paperwork for buying the car, have paid all the taxes and have fulfilled all the regulatory obligations of buying a secondhand car.