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So the members of Miss A's contracts are all up for renewal/about to be up for renewal. Fei already renewed hers. Suzy and Min's contracts expire next year.
Sadly though, Jia has decided to leave the group and JYP altogether. JYP announced that from now on, the girls will just pursue their independent careers for now.
Here is the article from Soompi that had all of this information: I really hope that the other girls renew their contracts because I would hate to see them go! Hopefully the group can stick it out, but who knows how it will go. Things are so up in the air right now! A member gone, expiring contracts, oh my stress.
awww noo!!!
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@Mightmuffin I know right! This is so upsetting! 😭
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*sigh* so many groups are breaking up. it's so sad! @Defy24601
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