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Hello everyone! I think I've made up my mind about who to draw for the 8th character but I still want to give people a chance. So you guys can still comment right up until the very last day. Please do remember that I have summer classes and the 8th drawing might not come out as soon as maybe I'd like it to, but I promise I'll post it as soon as I can. So this was the third hardest uniform to draw, in my opinion. They were all a pain in general but some of them were just a bigger pain than others. I thank god Akashi was turned away from us so I didn't have to bother lol. So anyone like Tsundere-Midorima? I don't know too many people that like this series much less like Midorima. For some (very known) reason people always pick Murasakibara, Aomine or Kagami or something... Question! if you were to have one of the Generation of Miracles' abilities, which one would you choose? Kuroko no Basuke: Midorima Shintarou Kuroko no basket ;Kuroko's basketball ; The basketball which Kuroko plays ; sports anime
@JessicaFerrier thank you very much
Agian good job 😆👏🖒